New York Times Best Seller now available in Armenian
“Noisy Silence”-this is the title of Sharon M. Draper’s new bestseller. The book is about 11-year-old Melody, who neither walks nor speaks, but is a very smart kid.
3rd Youth Conference kicks off
Today marked the launch of the 3rd Youth Conference at Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts (Matenadaran). The conference is organized by the Union of Young Scientific Workers of the Matenadaran NGO.
Charents: “I have many enemies in this small world of Armenians…”
“I was not lucky to write a new, 300-page book of poems entitled “Book about the Road”, which is about the past, present and future of our nation…And it was this very book that Armenians, blinded by nationalism and with hatred, declared as nationalistic, revolutionary and…During the absence of Comrade Khanjyan, when the book had already been printed and was supposed to be released, they banned the book under the name of the Secretariat of the Central Committee and labeled it as anti-revolutionary and rid me from the state publishing house without any reason or explanation”-this is an excerpt from the letter that Yeghishe Charents had addressed to Marieta Shahinyan, asking the latter for help.
“The Guarantee of Success”: The young dentist for whom happiness is putting an unconstrained smile on a person’s face continues its series entitled “The Guarantee of Success”. It is a series that is devoted to young Armenians who have already achieved successes at a young age. This time we present 25-year-old dentist Ani Mkrtchyan.
2017 Armenian Cultural TV Awards were held
Art21 TV is the only cultural television channel in Armenia. It broadcasts 19 hours a day on its own website and on certain cable networks.
“Communication as a Basis for Revitalization of a Person and Development of a Community” course
If you want to enhance your skills in self-presentation and effective cooperation for the strengthening of interpersonal relations and establish new social relations, then we cordially invite you to participate in the course entitled “Communication as a Basis for Revitalization of a Person and Development of a Community”.