Where are the Competitions for Doing Nothing Held?
What you need to do in order to become a champion? Train for many years, run thousands of kilometers, lift hundreds of tons of iron, shed sweat. All this, of course, is true, but if you don’t want to do any of the above, then you can try your hand at doing nothing. This is not fiction - such competitions have been held in South Korea for several years now.
Interesting Facts about the Capitals of the World
In 1712, by decree of Peter the Great, the capital of the Russian state was moved from ancient Moscow to young St. Petersburg. In this status, the city on the Neva remained until 1918.
Eritasard.am Journalist Tamara Gasparyan is the Best Student
Eritasard.am journalist Tamara Gasparyan was recognized as the best student at the Faculty of Journalism this year as part of YSU Best Student 2019 Annual Award.
Sergey Smbatyan: “We are Happy People ...”
Sergey Smbatyan says that the Orchestra has changed everything in his life”.
Victory Day in Different Countries of the World
Victory Day is a celebration of millions of Soviet people of different nationalities and religions who have made an invaluable contribution to the complete defeat of Nazi Germany. Although the USSR had already collapsed more than 20 years ago, this day has not lost its relevance and is solemnly celebrated in many countries of the post-Soviet space.
Invitation for a Training Course. Capacity Building for Youth CSOs
The Armenian General Benevolent Union and the Eurasia Partnership Foundation invite CSOs occupied in the field of the youth affairs to participate in a two-day capacity development training on 7-8 May 2019.