2015-12-08 17:41
Arthur Abraham: “I dream of having three children”
Professional Armenian boxer and WBO world champion Arthur Abraham gave a press conference today.
The boxer talked about this year’s successes and his future plans. As in previous years, this year the boxer also trained, scored victories and received many titles and certificates. The journalists were particularly interested in the boxer’s personal life, and they received information easily. It turns out that Arthur Abraham has been married for six months already. His wife’s name is Mary, who studies at Yerevan State University. Arthur added that his wedding took place in Armenia. “I decided not to publicize my wedding ceremony because I didn’t want any coverage of my personal life.” The boxer mentioned that he lives the life of an athlete and that this makes it hard for him to become fully dedicated to his personal life. “I will box for another two years and might leave it behind so that I can live a normal life. I spend eight months of the year in hotels. I eat and live there, but I miss lying on the sofa at home.” Arthur Abraham is one of the exceptional people who always score victories due to their professionalism. It seems as though such people don’t have dreams or wishes, but Arthur still has one dream, and a big dream at that. “I dream of having three children. Now I have everything, but no children. That’s my dream,” the boxer mentioned. Talking about the difficulties in the life of a boxer, Abraham mentioned that he wouldn’t like to see his children follow in their father’s footsteps. The future father of three prefers sports, but not boxing. “Frankly, I wouldn’t want my children to become boxers. This is a very agonizing sport. My parents were also against me becoming a boxer, and my mother is still against it,” the WBO world champion said. Arthur’s next duel is set to take place in March 2016. He will be facing off against a Mexican boxer who has won 25 duels in a row. P.S.: The press conference was attended by not only journalists, but also the boxer’s fans who had learned about the press conference and had come to see the WBO world champion one more time. Mariam Hovuni