2009-12-08 01:12
Youth wants to work
There are about 22.000 young men who have the problem of employment.
There are about 22.000 young men who have the problem of employment. Among those who look for a job youth consist 21.3%. According to the data of “State Service of Employment” in 2009 the half of the above mentioned youth is unemployed and the other half is those who look for job for the first time and they are usually refused by the employers as the privilege is given to those who have higher education, experience, skills at foreign languages and computer. It is natural that people of age 18-30 who are looking for a job though have professional qualification but have no working experience. 22-year-old Karen Avagyan after graduating from Yerevan State Economic University faced the problem of employment.” I am a specialist in the area of marketing. I was looking for a job in various authoritative companies and it turned out that all of them required at least 3-year working experience. But how can I have 3-year experience if I have just graduated from the university?” Those who have worked parallel to studying or have some practice have privileges. Students who work often face the problem of exploitation. This happens to those who easily agree to any conditions; they are considered low-paid manpower. “As the employer very often does not sign a contract with a student, there comes the problem of payment. There were many cases in my practice when the employer underpaid his employee or does not pay at all” mentions lower Martun Sargsyan. “I was working in an information agency for a several months but I was never paid. I was told that it was a practice for me to have an experience”, declares second year student future journalist Anna. Lawyer Martun Sargsyan reminds that according to ‘Labor Code of RA’ people should be paid even in the period of probation, thus first of all the youth must stand for their rights. “This problem arises because of our unawareness of laws and low level of jurisprudence knowledge”. There is also a psychological problem connected with youth unemployment. They don’t know where to work. “It is special to our national mentality when all want to be a minister or a president” mentions psychologist Lusine Stepanyan. On the other hand there is a problem of lack of correspondence between prepared specialists and professions in need. Both in state and private higher educational institutions annually there are prepared hundreds of philologists, specialists of international relations and economists while in labor market there is a great need of workmen, turners and cooks. Actually the majority of these specialists do not work by their professions. According to the specialists of this sphere the solution lies in the cooperation of educational institutions and employers. “Our task is to make the employers participate in the process of preparing specialists in order to avoid the problem of getting job” noted the rector of Yerevan State University Aram Simonyan. There is a “Alumni and Career Center” in Yerevan State University that tries to help the graduated students with problem of getting job. Here the details of graduated students from different faculties are collected and these students periodically receive information about vacant positions in different organizations. The center holds seminars and trainings that aim to raise the competitive power of graduated students. “There are about 1700 names registered in our database looking for a job and last year 250 of them was employed or participated in work experience services with the help of our center” mentions the president of “Graduate and Career Center” in Yerevan State University Armen Esayan. There are career centers in other universities of Armenian. Many of students are unaware of these canters and look for information either in web sites or in newspapers. There are several web sites where you can find useful information about vacant work positions. I often look through these sites and advise to those who are looking for a job. I do not trust the advertisements pasted on the walls subways as they are not trustworthy” tells 24-yaer-old Vahag who has great experience in job search. The state also tries to help the unemployed and in order to find a job for them keep in touch with employers. ” Since 2009 from January to September 6768 men out of which1583 are young men have found a job with the help of “The State Employment Service”(www.employment.am). The agency offers its free service both to employers and employees. It gives advices and information to employers about the labor market and offers them correspondent specialists, as to those who look for a job they inform them about vacant positions and employment programs. Help them in orientation and retraining, as well as give them unemployment benefit. To our question how the agency informs the youth about it service the assistant director of “The State Employment Service” Artak Simonyan answered.” Our agency tries to keep in touch with employers and employees; we do it with the help of mass media, meetings and booklets. As a result in last years the number of young men who applies to our agency has increased”. In the end, the problem of job finding which needs to be solved is also considered to be a handicraft; some people obtain it easily and the others can not present their abilities in a proper way. The impressive Resume or CV is an important factor. The psychologists advise pay attention to each detail, even the small prize that you won several years ago during some professional event, may attract the employer’s attention favor his choice. Juliet Matevosyan