2009-12-13 03:12
The correlated problems of region youth
The region youth problems of an utmost importance are "unemployment or full-time employment".
The region youth problems of an utmost importance are "unemployment or full-time employment". Besides such problems as the socio-economic, outgoing, poor conditions of life, educational and cultural problems, the region youth have problem of self-expression, as well as the need to get rid of stereotypes and complexes. All these problems are correlated. The most important issue is the educational problem. Almost all school-leavers try to enter higher educational institutions. According to the available data of National Statistical Service during 2008/2009 the amount of students of both state and private universities is 1.143.99, out of which 22.593 are students of regional institutions. There was no information about the number of students who continue their education in Yerevan institutions. Judging by the mentioned data it becomes obvious, that the majority of region youth get education in regions. This is important from the point of view of youth unity and activity promoting. The youth of Gavar divide their everyday life into 2 parts; before 3 a.m. and after it. On the first half of the day the students of Gavar State University make the regional center of Gegharkunik lively, on the second half of day you can rarely meet girls in the streets. Regional universities play an important role as they keep the youth in the region. It is worth mentioning that a number of students that receive education in the capital later return to their regions and use the knowledge for the sake of their native residence. ” After graduating from University I will try to find an appropriate job in my region, though I think it will be easier to find job in Yerevan” mentions Davit Karapetyan, a student of Radiophysical Faculty of Gavar State University.. The department of Press and Public relations of the RA Ministry of Education and Science informed that a range of region girls and boys enter the pedagogical institutions and after graduating they work in the regional schools according to the contract. The problems discussed in the National Youth Report composed by the RA Ministry of Culture and Youth Affairs are essential today. Educational problems are followed by the problem of unemployment. Region youth is usually busy with agricultural employment which they describe as something boring and unpleasant. The geographical position of the region gives them opportunity to have seasonal work; in winter they work in Tsaghkadzor and in summer they find work in the Territory of Sevan Lake. There are few young men who have fixed regular work. Some of them are busy with administrative, commercial and other affairs in the administrative and regional centers, while others have shops or stalls in the villages. They are often unable to represent themselves to the employer in appropriate way because of their complexes and inability of self-expression. International and local organizations periodically hold meetings with region youth and try to keep them from their complexes by means of seminars, debates and discussions. “The money spent on the brain is never spent in vain, and I am sure that the best specialists will find their place “notes Qnqush Petrosyan, a student of Natural science faculty of Gavar State University and adds that she lives in her native village and tries to take some steps fro improvement of the general state. There are young people in Shirak region as well who study, work and run their own business but they need the aid and protection of state. “The region authorities do not show serious attitude towards our center as Center of organizing youth activities”, mentions Sergey Gabrielyan as chief specialist of Center for Organizing Youth Activities in Gyumri. The representative of Center of Organizing Youth Activities in Vayots Dzor assures that regional authorities try to involve the young specialists into the services, as well as together with Center they organize seminar-trainings for professional orientation. However it should be mentioned that sometimes there is some special attention towards youth. The president of the Center for Organizing Youth Activities of the RA Sports and Youth Affair Ministry Samvel Mertardzyan asserts that the regional centers of the Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs periodically inform about unemployed youth, who are sometimes invited to work but majority of doesn’t have the necessary qualification. Those who hope to be supported by the state rarely try to solve problems by their own means. At best student scientific organizations and councils hold some meetings which are attended only by students. Thus, unemployment and other problems stimulate both internal and external migration. The majority of youth has plans out of his region, especially in Yerevan or abroad or at least in regional center. Those who are not willing to leave their parents or have some financial problems stay in the villages and try to improve their life.