2009-12-13 03:12
Sexual problems of youth aren’t diminished
The sexual theme have been taboo in our society for a long time.
“The sexual theme have been taboo in our society for a long time”, says sexologist Aram Hakobyan who thinks that a person can be sexually healthy if is well informed. Doctors mention that the number of youth who pay attention to their sexual health increases. “There are people who come to be examined before marriage and this is a laudable fact. But still very the youth don’t follow their personal hygiene. Of course we carry explanatory works for our patients but several doctors can not cope with the task. We should take serious measures in order to succeed. We have patients who are 8th or 10th grader contagious schoolchildren. It would be better if they knew about this before becoming contagious”, mentions Sevada Hakobyan. A group of specialists define sexual education as “Sexual education is a system of medical and pedagogical measures which is aimed at developing right attitude to sexual life in the circle of children, teenagers and youth”. Psychologist Lilit Gargtsyan mentions that sexual education itself is a broad sphere which refers to the total education of person, as there is no person out of sex. “The upbringing of child depends upon his/her sex. Thus we should bring up the child since the moment of his/her birth” added Lilit Gargtsyan. After the birth child undergoes to psycho-sexual and physical-sexual development. Children perceive gender differences when they are 3-year-old; they realize the differences of sexual organs. The child should be informed in permissible limits. Sometimes the ‘ignorance’ of parents results in grave consequences in the further life of children. Doctor-sexologist Sevada Hakobyan says that there are patients with sexual disorders which are results of misinformation. The majority of these kinds of patients are women who have problems with nervous system. Accordingly doctors describe these kinds of problems as sexual dysfunctions conditioned by sexual disinformation. Anyhow associates have their influence on sexual education of child: ‘informed’ elder friends, books, films, television and internet. According to specialists when parents do not pay appropriate attention to the sexual education of their child, the latter suffers of poor sexual life, referring to it just as implement of marital duties. Various researches have shown that the harmony of couple conditions the stable bases of family. Since his early years child should know about the interrelations between different genders (not only sexual intercourse is meant). Sexual orientation develops from13-16 years. All kind of physiological problems should be described precisely as undiscovered problems may result in various sexual dysfunctions. There are great deals of family troubles that are conditioned by psychic disorders caused in youth years. “The main problems of male patients are erective dysfunctions, reproductive disorders, sterility. A great number of patients have chronic inflammatory diseases of gentiles. The couples often suffer from sexual disharmony, when their sexual desires do not coincide. At the young years the sexual desire of males is higher, in women it increases at 40-60” tells Hakobyan. Sexual infections of frequent occurrence are trichomoniasis, gonorrhea and various fungus diseases. If these problems are overlooked they may result in sterility. However specialists claim that these kinds of problems should be taken up only by competent specialists, such as sexologists. Sometimes specialists of other spheres try to publish books or articles which may become source of disinformation. Armenian materials are also very few.