2009-12-19 05:12
What to watch in New Year night?
“Well, again there is nothing interesting to watch”, should we repeat these traditional words?
TV has become member of our family long ago. And in the evening of New Year it becomes the hero of the day, all members, from elder to littlest, gather before this ‘wonder-making box’ and wait for the realization of miracle. Why do we admire New Year programs? What offer TV channels in New Year night and what to expect on New Year’s Eve? Each year, TV companies promise innovations, but revolutions will not occur. As usual, at 12:00 will ring the bells, firework will thunder which will be followed by famous waltz of Aram Khachatryan. Their best wishes will announce Catholicos of all Armenians and RA President and then we will propose toasts ourselves. After all this we take the TV remote and try to find the beautiful continuation of the evening. It turns out that all TV channels offer the same. The same faces we have seen on the screen all the year, the same songs we have heard during the year and the voices of the same announcers. In fact, we depicted a dull image and mood, not festival. We’ll not deny that all this is close to reality, but we will try to find out what the televiewers prefer to watch. The accepted format of New Year program has always been the New Year merry-making and many well-known singers, humorists, dance groups participate in it. Song and dance, Santa Clause and Snow Maidan, parodies: these are the main ingredients of merry-making. This “Ogonyok” format comes from Soviet Union. Though many years passed from the times of “Ogonyok” , however our directors find it difficult to invent something new. Anyhow a master of New Year programs, the chief director of Public television, Suren Rshtuni, remembers the New Year programs of 70-80s with great inspiration. During years other formats were created. We all remember the series of “Our yard” (Mer Baky) favorite film. They became a phenomenon and enjoyed popularity. The success was conditioned by favorite heroes, familiar scenes, good humor and mood. “Our yard” was really our as even the expressions from the film became catchwords. “Sharm” company, the author of film three years ago presented the spectators continuation of favorite film: 10 years later. The TV companies promise to amaze the televiewers and besides, concert-humor format, also present a film. This is the second year that Public Armenian Television presents this format. Public Armenian Television will meet 2010 with “Sweet irony or the fate of bath” comedy. On December 31, after midnight, Public Armenian Television will be full of love, music and humor. The scenario author of “Sweet irony or the fate of bath” comedy is Levon Galstyan and the director is Suren Rshtuni. In the film will perform Ashot Ghazaryan,Kristine Pepelyan, Hayko, Margarita Khachatryan, Vardan Petrosyan, Margo Muradyan, Arsen Grigoryan(Aso), Andre, Arame,Lusine Tovmasyan, Forsh, Sofi Mkheyan, Arman Hovhannisyan, Vahagn Sargsyan (Poncho), Gevorg Minasyan, Sergey Danielyan (Yoj), Mher, Tina Kei, Spitaktsi Hayko and others. Sergey Danielyan is Santa Clause (Dzmer Pap), Aso is a boy who is in love with Kristine Pepelyan, Andre is proposed as suitable groom for Kristine, Lusine Tovmasyan performs a diplomatist. The actions take place in Yerevan, Moscow, Paris and African Zanbiba. Ashot Ghazaryan is the protagonist, in New Year he drinks too much and like the hero of “Enjoy your bath” he appears at the apartment of Kristine Pepelyan. The song for “Sweet irony or the fate of bath” have been written by Krist Manaryan and Arman Ghazaryan(son of Ashot Ghazaryan0. The responsibility of meeting New Year, “Armenian TV’ has assigned to newcomer members of “32 Teeth” club. “In the night of December 31, after and before New Year. You will watch very humorous and interesting program, owing to the boys of “32”, promises the producer of “32” Karen Babajanyan. The authors of scenario are Robert Martirosyan and Charents. Vahagn Grigoryan is staging director. “YERE1”, Hayko, Mko “32” and many others participate in the program. The New Year program on “Shant” will be a surprise. We could not talk to the program director of TV Company. But we can guess that we’ll see “Folk Singers’ and “Superstars” as well as famous people playing “Who wants to be a milliner”. Armenian Second TV Company in New Year night will be colored by “Acord” hit parade, with the participation of the best artists of the year. In short, TV companies promise to keep us in a cheer mood and we hope that this year will differ from the previous ones. Almost every year we listen to the same words “Well, again there is nothing interesting to watch”. To be fair it can be mentioned that not only Armenians but all other nations are bored with similar and monotonous programs. It turns out that Russians are also bored with “Blue Light” (Goluboy Ogonyok), “The song of year” and “Enjoy your bath!” As to American children they are grown ups and do not want to watch “Home alone” comedy. So, let’s be optimists and try to find the favorite films and programs from the parade of New Year programs.