2010-03-06 00:58
“Avatar”: new life in a new world
Lately, everyone has been talking about the film “Avatar”, which has been considered to be a masterpiece of contemporary film production for the past two months. What is the key to its success?
“Avatar” is literally translated from Hindu and means “incompatibility”, but according to Indian theology, that’s what the Indians called the Vishnu God in the shape of human. The events take place in 2154 in the distant Pandora, which is a moon in the Alpha Centauri galaxy. Director of the film, screenwriter and producer James Cameron started filming “Avatar” in 1994 when he wrote an 80-page story. Filming had to start after the end of the filming of “Titanic” and had to be shown on the big screen in 1999, but as Cameron said, film technology wasn’t ready to turn Cameron’s ideas into a reality. The language spoken by representatives of the alien race was created in summer 2005. Leading star Sam Wortington is from Australia by origin and plays Jake Sull in the film. Sull says it was harder for him to speak in the American speech style than in Navi (language of the locals). In early 2006, Cameron seriously started getting involved in the internal issues concerning the screenplay and the film. The film’s world premier first took place in London on December 10, 2009 and appeared for rental use on December 18. The film is shown in standard format, as well as 3D, RealD 3D, Dolby 3D and IMAX 3D formats (films produced with 3D technologies are shown with special glasses that allow the images to be more tangible). On January 25, 2010, within six weeks, the film made over 1.8 billion dollars and became the most high-profit film in the history of cinema and beat the record set by “Titanic” (Titanic was the first movie to make huge profits within 15 weeks and raised a total of 1.78 billion dollars). “Avatar” is the first and still the only film that managed to raise over 2.46 billion dollars in just 9 weeks. Inspired by the success of his film, Cameron has expressed the willingness to film another two homonymous films. Movie-goers feel like environmental protectionists and humanitarians when watching the two-hour movie. Pandora is the wilderness covered with fatal jungles where there are unusual wild animals. The film is full of episodes, the conflict between good and evil and a person gets new impressions after watching it for the second time. Some consider the film to be a major progress in the sphere of film technology thanks to unique stereoscopic cameras created especially for filming. Some film critics think that Cameron’s film can be compared to the emergence of animated films. Others link the film’s plot with US policy in the Near East. This is not by chance. Before the start of the decisive battle, Colonel Kuorutch announces that the offense against the residents of Pandora is coded “Shock and Awe”, according to the doctrine of US armed forces in the Near East, developed especially for Iraq. The following are some interesting facts about “Avatar”: 1. According to the initial screenplay, Pandora’s botanical world also had to be blue as the color of the skin of the residents, but to make everything look more real, Cameron decided to use green. 2. People’s avatars have five fingers, while residents of Pandora have four. 3. The film used one petabyte (1024 gigabyte) computer memory…if we compare it with the preparation for “Titanic”, there had to be 500 times less memory for the special effects. 4. To create the Navi language, Cameron invited UCLA linguist Paul Fromer who has created the language through consonants and used only two vowels: “a” and “I”. 5. The film is 40% real-life filming and 60% computer graphics. 6. The human race arrived in Pandora to take over the special mining material called “anaptanium”. (Those materials in the film were worth 25 million dollars for a kilogram). That material has a supernatural strength thanks to which the mountains of Pandora “soar” in the air. 7. In 1998, Cameron wanted to immediately start filming of “Avatar” and demanded a 400 million dollar budget, which no company provided and Cameron was forced to stay unproduced for 10 years. 8. Pandora, which is a natural satellite of Alpha Centauri-A system, is the closest galaxy to us with nearly 4.4 light years. 9. August 21, 2009 was announced as the day of the world premiere. On that day, people all over the world watched a 15-minute documentary on the creation of “Avatar”, including scenes from the movie. 10. “Avatar” received a budget worth 230 million dollars for filming, marketing, actors’ salaries and other expenses. “Avatar” is currently considered to be the highest-budget film and is among the top ten most expensive films. It’s interesting… Cameron’s film “Avatar” is shown in South Korea in 4D format, which allows the viewer to use all five senses. Before the stereoscopic film is shown on the screen, the seats in the auditorium move and viewers feel springs of water, flow of winds and the smell of an explosion. “We started preparing “Avatar” in 4D format last summer,” says Tom On, director of “20th Century Fox Korea”. Watching the 4D film was more expensive than the film in 3D (15.8 dollars instead of 6.9 dollars), but there were huge lines at the movie theaters. A 4D film was shown in Korea in 2009 when the company “CJ-CGV” opened a 88-seat hall to show the film “Trip to the center of the Earth”. After the success of “Avatar”, the company has decided to make huge expenses and open four similar halls. The film “Percy Jackson and the Olympians: the kidnapper of lightning” and it is foreseen to show ten 4D films this year. It should be mentioned that the success of “Avatar” has led to a 3D film boom, while classical film director of erotic films, Tinto Bras, 76, has announced that he will soon produce his first 3D erotic film. 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