2011-10-19 21:07
With the hope of new victories
Armenian football has been reborn.
It has already been a week since the Armenian national football team was defeated by the Irish team in Dublin and wasn’t able to move on to the final round of EURO 2012. For the first time in the past 20 years of Armenia’s independence, Armenian football players were able to show Europe and the world that Armenians know how to play football, can play with each team regardless of that team’s strength and will fight until the end by putting in all their efforts. The selective round of EURO 2012 truly became the guarantee for the rise of Armenian football. It all started from the match with the Irish national football team in Yerevan. On September 3, 2010, head coach of the Armenian national football team Vardan Minasyan managed to show persistence against the Irish team, which was a great team and the favorite of selective Group B for many. The Armenian team lost to the “almighty” competitor by a goal (some pessimists had predicted that the Armenian team would miss 3 goals) that could be ignored, if our team had better defense and had the experience of playing as a team. Those who attended the match in Yerevan realized that the young players still had time to play better. On September 7, Armenia’s football players brought Macedonian tema down to its knees and were winning the opponent until the last minute, but Ararat Arakelyan’s ill-fated move of the hand made the referee assign a player to kick the ball toward Berezovsky at a distance of 11 meters. As a result, the Armenian had to end the match with a score of 2-2. A month later, Yerevan hosted the powerful Slovakian football team that had even been able to leave the 2006 world champion Italian team out of the group tournament in the final round of the summer world championship held in the Republic of Armenia. Vardan Minasyan had been able to lift the players’ spirits, and the team was able to celebrate its victory of 3-1 with the help of the three strong players, including Yura Movsisyan, Henrich Mkhitaryan and Gevorg Ghazaryan. That victory raised the Armenian football players’ faith in their strengths and became a turning point for future matches, especially for the young players included in the national team, the majority of which are under the age of 22. After Slovakia, Armenia played with Andorra and won 4-0, ending the official matches of 2010. The year 2011 didn’t start off well for the Armenian team. In a friendly match in February, Vardan Minasyan’s team lost to the Georgian national football team 2-1, but it did manage to tie the match with the Russian team 0-0 in Yerevan in March. In June, Armenia lost to St. Petersburg 3-1 and had to forget about getting a pass to the final round of EURO 2012 for a while. After the team lost to Lithuania 3-0 on August 10, many started thinking that the boys’ game in late 2010 was simply by chance. Everything turned around in September. In Andorra, the Armenian team scored goals and won the important outgoing match, and caused uproar among European football fans after winning the Slovakian team 4-0. After all this, Armenian sport fans started believing in the team once again. During the match with the Macedonian team, the people at the stadium rooted for one purpose, and that was to be able to win and score a pass to the final round of EURO 2012. After winning the Macedonians 4-1, the only thing that was left for the Armenian team was to win the Irish team in Dublin. For Armenia, EURO 2012 unfortunately started from and ended with the match with Ireland. Due to a little lack of fairness and no luck in sports, even though it played beautifully, the Armenian team wasn’t able to meet the objective that it had placed for itself two years ago, that is, to make it to the final round of EURO 2012. Armenian football fans’ desire wasn’t fulfilled, and the Armenian team suffered a painful defeat 2-1 with only 10 players. P.S. When President of the Football Federation of Armenia Ruben Hayrapetyan announced that the team’s coach had been assigned to make sure the team scores a pass to the final round of EURO 2012, many didn’t believe him. But everyone saw what the team did and how close Vardan Minasyan was to meeting his objective. During yesterday’s press conference, head coach of the Armenian team Vardan Minasyan explained the secret of our team’s success and mentioned that the team’s good outcome is the result of a good match, and the Armenian team simply lacked experience in the beginning of the selective tournament. The matches for the selective round of the World 2014 Championship to kick off in 2012 are coming up, and many Armenian football fans are already demanding to attend the final round to be held in Brazil. In light of this, Vardan Minasyan mentioned: “This group is clearly stronger. Denmark, Italy, the Czech Republic and Bulgaria have good chances. We also shouldn’t forget Malta, which is advancing and can’t be compared with the team of Andorra. On the other hand, the Armenian team already has great experience and perhaps it is good that we are included in the same group. The Armenian national football team is going on vacation. The team will start preparing for the 2014 World Chmpionship next year. In 2012, our team will have 4 friendly matches-one in February, two matches in May and one in August. Harutyun Tsatryan