By Hrachuhi Almastyan
Photos by Lusi Sargsyan
2016-06-02 13:00
Has the art of celebrating holidays developed in Armenia?
The 1st of June is brighter and more vivid year after year.

Even a day later, one can still notice toys, gifts and balloons on the streets that children probably forgot to take with them. What’s interesting is that the 1st of June hasn’t been too different from other holidays for us young people of Armenia.

David Petrosyan, who was born in the 1990s, states that the 1st of June has never been a bright day in his lifetime. “Today we Armenians and our children have become very much internationalized. When I was growing up, we were always loved and protected. Perhaps that is why the 1st of June was not a big day for us,” he said.

Lusine was also born in the 1990s and doesn’t remember any celebration on the 1st of June. “When I was a child, happy and interesting days were not just holidays. Due to our national feature, we Armenians dedicate each day to children,” she said.

In any case, the good thing is that the infinite love and care for children is currently more visibly and symbolically expressed on the 1st of June. The art of celebrating holidays has developed in Armenia, and the government is focused on all layers of society.

It should be mentioned that several events were organized in Yerevan this year. They were not only entertaining events, but also events that helped introduce children to Armenian historical and cultural values, their rights and contributed to their growth in general. Events were held at the Cafesjian Sculpture Garden where stage models were shown as part of the Spring Carnival educational program, children painted on easels, etc.

Save the Children Armenia hosted an event called “The Voice of Children” at Lovers’ Park in Yerevan where U.S. Ambassador to the Republic of Armenia Richard Mills, Head of the EU Delegation to Armenia, Ambassador Pyotr Svitalsky, Representative of the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees Christoph Bierwirth, RA Minister of Diaspora Hranush Hakobyan and several other officials expressed their wishes and commitment to the children.

An event entitled “We are different and equal” was organized at the Teryan-Tumanyan intersection near Northern Avenue. The goal of the event was to focus on children’s rights, domestic violence and abortions due to gender.

The Chamber of Advocates of the Republic of Armenia also joined the festivities. It organized a concert at the Children’s Park located near the Zakyan-Khorenatsi intersection and handed awards to the winners of the “I HAVE A RIGHT” essay contest. Similar events were also held in the provinces of the Republic of Armenia.