By Roza Grigoryan
Daniel Decker-ian on his concert in Yerevan and his desire to perform in Artsakh
On October 10, Daniel Decker-ian will be giving a concert with the Orchestra of National Instruments of Armenia at Aram Khachaturian Grand Concert Hall.

Decker-ian worships Armenian cuisine, as well as Armenian arts and culture. He talks about Armenia with unique veneration and admiration. It is the love for Armenia that made the composer, singer and musician change his last name, obtain an Armenian passport and become Armenian by choice, without Armenian roots. The singer’s concert in Yerevan is organized by Mezzo Production. Mr. Decker-ian, please tell us about the October 10 concert in Yerevan. What can we expect?

Daniel Decker-ian: My October 10 concert will be a wonderful evening of Armenian music. We will be celebrating Yerevan Day. Almost all the songs will be Armenian songs. I hope to give a concert devoted to patriotism that will inspire each and every Armenian. Please tell us about the program. What songs will be performed during the evening?

D. D.: The event will feature performances of a variety of Armenian songs, including the songs “Erebuni Yerevan”, “Ov Hayots Sarer”, “Bari Aragil”, “Hpart Gnatsek” and “Gyumrva Hin Fayton”. Will there be songs from your album entitled “Armenian By Choice?”

D. D.: Yes, I will also perform songs that are from the album “Armenian By Choice”, such as “Martiki Yerge”, “Dle Yaman”, “Hayots Ashkharh”, “Kilikia” and “Mush”. Who will be the special guests of the concert? What is your attitude towards their music?

D. D.: The special guests will be Hamlet Gevorgyan, Andre Simonian, Sibil and Eva Yeganyan. I like their music and consider them my close friends. Mr. Decker-ian, do you remember the first time you listened to Armenian music and how you fell in love with Armenia?

D. D.: I was first introduced to Armenian music through Ara Gevorgyan. It was a gateway to discovering Armenia. What started as curiosity turned into respect and then love for Armenia. There are so many things that I love about Armenia. I admire the fact that Armenia is the first Christian nation. I worship Armenian cuisine, arts and music, but I love the Armenian people and the spirit of the Armenians the most. How did you start collaborating with Ara Gevorgyan?

D. D.: After listening to Gevorgyan’s song “Mush”, I contacted him and offered to collaborate. It was the start of a strong friendship, and we have been friends for 15 years now. Throughout the years, we have composed many songs together, including “Mush”, “Adana”, “Sirek Zmimeans”, “The Wonder Of Your Love”, “Remember” and “Arax”. On one occasion, you said that you had written the song “Adana” not only as a way of drawing the international community’s attention to the tragedy (Armenian Genocide-ed.), but also as a source of recovery for the Armenian people. Do you think music can heal wounds?

D. D.: Definitely. Music awakens emotions in the listener. Music mixed with the right words can have a positive impact on lives. That is why when I write the lyrics of a song, it takes me a long time to be convinced that they can touch the hearts of people in a new and viable way. I am aware that you have worked with relief organizations to provide support to the most poverty-stricken regions, as well as children and the elderly. Do you plan on organizing relief efforts in Armenia?

D. D.: Yes, I am deeply concerned about the Armenian people and wish to continue to find ways to help the needy. During your last visit to Yerevan, you told journalists that your future plans are linked to Armenia. Could you elaborate?

D. D.: There are many plans that I would like to carry out. I plan on continuing to write music and lyrics devoted to Armenia. I would also like to examine and record Armenian psalms. I also hope to write a script for a film or play devoted to the Armenian Genocide. You also told journalists that you would like to visit Artsakh and give a concert there. When will that concert take place?

D. D.: I would love to give a concert in Karabakh to support the marvelous Armenians of Karabakh. If I find a sponsor, I would like to organize the concert in the spring of 2017.