By Lia Hayrapetyan
Photos by “Youth Events Holding Center” SNCO
Youth of Europe stand united and say No Hate Speech
On 19-22 September, the capital of Tirana of Albania hosted a training/seminar entitled “Opposing Hate Speech Through Education”.

The training/seminar gathered nearly 20 youth workers from different countries across Europe. The youth workers work or perform community service in the human rights protection sector. The participants of the training/seminar were also members of the national committees of the No Hate Speech Movement in their respective countries, or online activists who have been involved in the above-mentioned movement in any form.

The guests from Armenia were members of the national committee of the No to Hate Speech Movement ia Hayrapetyan and Nelly Gishyan.

The training/seminar was organized by the Youth Department of the Council of Europe and the Government of Albania, particularly the Ministry of Social and Youth Affairs and was aimed at gathering youth who have been active members of the movement and could come together and share their experiences and relevant knowledge.

On the last day, ambassador of the No Hate Speech Movement and former chairman of the Parliamentary Assembly of the Council of Europe (PACE) Anne Brasseur organized a discussion during which she attached importance to the major role of youth today, that is, to be constructive, tolerant and cooperative so that the world can resist the current challenges that it faces.

The training/seminar was followed by the 4th Meeting of the National Committees and Activists of the No Hate Speech Movement, which gathered the members of 70 national committees, including Minister of Social and Youth Affairs of Albania Blendi Klosi, facilitator of the United Nations in Albania Brian Williams and ambassador of the No Hate Speech Movement Anne Brasseur. The meeting ended on 25 September. At the end, the participants planned the joint actions of the all-European movements and the general strategy on implementation of actions between 2016 and 2017 and set the indicators for assessment of the effectiveness of the movement.