By Hasmi Gyozalyan
The heroes of April wish everyone a Happy New Year and Merry Armenian Christmas
The passing year left wounds in all of our souls that are not healing. At the same time, it “forced” us to unite and show our strength once again.

Armenian soldiers and military officers made unimaginable endeavors on the battlefield, and like heroic deeds, those endeavors will live on and let live for a long time.

May the kind wishes of the heroes of the war in April for the New Year make all us Armenians strong!

In the New Year and the following years, let us try to be worthy of the endeavors of these boys and their friends-in-combat who died heroically…

Glory to them all!

Narek Malkhasyan

I express my warm greetings to all our border guards (officers and soldiers). You are our friends and relatives.

We are more than confident in the courage, strength, strong will of our friends-in-combat and their willingness to defend the Homeland, but I would like to assure you boys that we will be in the trenches, if necessary, just like all Armenians came together and helped us in April.

I wish all Armenians a Happy New Year and Merry Armenian Christmas. I don’t want to hear shootings in 2017…

May peace reign in Armenia!

Shuli Hakobyan

I wish us all Happy Holidays. I wish that we only hear good things in 2017. I want us Armenians to achieve victories in all spheres.

I call on my compatriots to be as alert as the soldiers on the border. Let us think and judge before taking action and serve for the Homeland.

May the New Year bring joy, laughter and brightness to all our families!

Rafael Hovhannisyan

I wish my friends-in-combat a Happy New Year and Merry Armenian Christmas. I wish they serve in safety and return safe and sound. May you only use all your skills during military drills.

I only want to hear about positive things and interesting events next year. Let us Armenians always be united and patriotic, just like we were in April.

I wish us Armenians peace and pro-national activities only in peaceful conditions.

Harutyun Badalyan

I wish all Armenian soldiers a Happy New Year, safe military service and that they return safe and sound.

I wish all Armenians a Happy New Year. I want our nation to always have faith in our army.

I want us to be united so that we can achieve new heights and new victories together and through combined efforts!

Gevorg Khachatryan

I wish all Armenians a Happy New Year and Merry Armenian Christmas. I would especially like to congratulate all the soldiers, wishing that they serve in safety, return to their homes safe and sound. I would also like to congratulate my friends-in-combat who have completed their military service and participated in the war in April. I wish you success in your endeavors and more achievements in all spheres.

Peace to our Homeland!

Shant Ghazaryan

My Armenian nation, my fraternal soldiers! I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year and Merry Armenian Christmas. This past year was a year of many trials and tribulations for us Armenians. The adversary engaged us in a war, but we managed to defend our land and honor, ensure the safety of our nation and achieve another historic victory that was shaped through the sacrifices of our heroic boys.

I want the year 2017 and the following years to be years of peace.

Once again, I would like to congratulate my fraternal soldiers. May the enemy always remember that we don’t want war, but are ready to impose peace at any given moment.

I wish us all strong will and more victories.

Arman Avetisyan

I wish all Armenians a Happy New Year and Merry Armenian Christmas. I want the year 2017 to be a year in which we succeed and turn our dreams into a reality.

I wish peace to the world and our Homeland. I don’t want our nation to have to continue to prove that Armenian soldiers are invincible, just like they were invincible in April 2016.

I bow in memory of our heroic boys killed during the war in April and the mothers who gave birth to those heroic boys. May no mother shed a tear again!

I would especially like to congratulate all the border guards on duty at this moment. Thanks to your vigilance, we are living in peace today.

Areg Sardaryan

Greetings, familiar and unfamiliar compatriots! I wish us all Happy Holidays. Finally, we will soon be able to talk about the year 2016 in the past tense. It was a year of tribulations for all us Armenians. Fortunately, we overcame them with honor, but unfortunately, we suffered losses…However, the year 2016 was also a year of unity! Once again, the Armenians proved that they know how to come together, stand united as one at difficult moments, as well as defend the land and beat the enemy…

I want that fire to never be extinguished and that spirit to stay alive. In any situation, I want to always feel the unity that was shown in 2016. I want us to learn our share of the lesson from 2016 and always be ready!

I want us to be patriotic and stand up for our country…

I want and ask all this, but I am not asking Santa Claus or any other thing that is made up, but you, all of you who are reading this because each of us can make my wishes come true.

May the year 2017 be a year of national unity, will, love and warmth!

Sargis Niazyan

I wish all us Armenians a Happy New Year and Merry Armenian Christmas. I want the coming year to be a year of peace. May no mother of a soldier shed a tear!

I wish us all success and happiness and a little good luck. Let us appreciate every single day and live in the present.

Hovhannes Poghosyan

I congratulate my friends-in-combat with great pleasure and warmth. I wish the on-duty soldiers peace. May God be with you all. Stay strong, boys!

Happy New Year and Merry Armenian Christmas