By H. Tsatryan
TESLA to produce truck and sports car with electric engine
Cars with electric engines are now a reality, but TESLA has decided to make the market reach a maximally new and high level through the production of a truck and sports car.

TESLA has introduced its first SEMI electric truck, which can pass more than 800 km with full charge, including with an attachment that transfers more than 36 tons of cargo. To pass 650 kilometers, the truck needs to be charged for just 30 minutes.

The truck can be guided automatically, allowing it to stay in the sections fixed by road line markings and change positions, as well as curve off the road without the driver’s intervention. The truck can reach 100 km/h in just 20 seconds. The price of SEMI hasn’t been announced yet, but production will be launched in 2019.

Besides the unique truck, TESLA has also introduced a sports car with an electronic engine, namely the Roadster, which has the descriptors of the best sports car. The Roadster needs only 1.9 seconds to reach 100 km/h. This sports car can also exceed 400 km/h. If fully charged, it can exceed 1,000 km. According to director of TESLA Elon Musk, the sports car can travel from Los Angeles to San Francisco and return to Los Angeles with just one full charge.

Production of the sports car will be launched no earlier than 2020. The price will start from $200,000.