International youth exchange program
The “Be Digital: Tools for Rural Entrepreneurship” international youth program was held through the combined efforts of Youth Mix NGO, Puga Youth Center of Kārsava and the Creative Youth Center.

The international youth exchange program was carried out in October 2017 in Tsaghkadzor and was part of the Council of Europe Erasmus+ Program. The main goal of the youth exchange program was to enrich the participants’ skills in digitization and entrepreneurship and fight against the current youth unemployment in the rural communities of the participating countries.

The exchange program hosted 40 participants from 8 EU and Eastern Partnership countries, including Latvia, Armenia, Ukraine, Italy, Georgia, Romania, Moldova and Poland.

There were three main areas, including entrepreneurship, digital technologies and cultural exchange. Through informal education, the participants were introduced to the cultures and customs of the participating countries, identified the steps for starting a business and various modern digital tools and programs that can be useful for young entrepreneurs.

One of the major outcomes of the exchange program is the “Be digital” instrumentation developed by the participants, describing the 8 more useful and modern digital tools for young entrepreneurs and startups and the CANVAS model for developing business plans. You can download the instrumentation by clicking