How to ring in the New Year so that you achieve success
The year 2017 will be over soon. To achieve success in the New Year, you first need to have a positive attitude towards this year’s symbol, that is, the yellow dog.

What recommendations do astrologists give?

According to the Oriental calendar, the dog is considered a symbol of peace and kindness. There will be love and mutual consent in families, and single people will find their better halves. The loyalty and diligence of this animal will help many people achieve success. 

Recommendations for ringing in the New Year:

1. You can ring in the New Year with friends, but not alone since the dog doesn’t like loneliness. Besides that, try to stay in a good mood and don’t be sad no matter what! Turn your day into a real celebration by visiting friends!

2. You can ring in the New Year with your family. The dog loves a familiar environment and all those who are precious.

3. Avoid ringing in the New Year in front of the television set! Invite your friends and relatives to ring in the New Year together! 

Desired color for the year 2018

To satisfy the whims of the Dog in 2018, you need to be guided by the following:

1. Try to make sure yellow is the prevailing color. It is considered the color of happiness and relieves one of stress.

2. Try to wear brown and yellow. The shades of brown will bring you success and welfare

3. Try to use orange, gray and gold color as well

4. Remember-red and blue can irritate dogs 

P.S.: In reality, these are recommendations that anyone can either accept or reject, but in all cases, maintain one thing-a good mood.