By Gaiane Melikyan
Congratulatory remarks from “heroes” of “Guarantee of Success” series
The year 2018 is only hours away. The New Year brings with it a new air, new hopes, new wishes and new goals…

The New Year particularly makes children and young people happy. They associate the New Year with their successes and the mad and a little crazy dreams of youth.

In 2017, presented its “Guarantee of Success” series, which featured stories about young people who have already achieved successes at a young age thanks to their hard work and the fact that they are goal-oriented. They all stood out with their professions, preferences and human attributes, but they shared one thing in common, and that is goal-orientation.

The “heroes” of this series have expressed their congratulatory messages to our readers.

Director Sona Tonakanyan 

I wish that the year 2018 remains a New Year until the end of the year, that it becomes a year of love and successes for us throughout the year and that we amaze ourselves with and be amazed at our achievements. Let the dramas and conflicts that we face only be seen in films. Let this New Year pave the way for the accomplishment of all of our goals. Happy New Year!

Historian, manager, director and commercial program director Gevorg Afrikyan 

Dear readers, I cordially wish you all a Happy New Year and Merry Christmas and wish you love and happiness! May all your wishes come true in the year to come! I wish us all unwavering will and endless imagination. I wish that you make new achievements in your personal lives and in business. Be happy, lively and maintain your youth! As Franz Kafka said, “Young people are happy because they have the ability to see beauty. Anyone who maintains the ability to see beauty never gets old.” Happy New Year!

Artistic photographer Zaruhi Aleksanyan 

Happy New Year to all of us! I wish our country victories and more occasions for us Armenians to feel proud. As a photographer, I wish that the year 2018 goes down in the history of the Armenian people as a year in which I can take photos portraying kindness and victories. I wish that our army flourishes and becomes stronger…We young people are a strong force and a special army. Happy New Year!

Guitarist, singer Davit Afrikyan 

I wish us all a Happy New Year! Let the year 2018 be a year of happiness, peace and the fulfillment of goals and dreams! I want for us young people to be more goal-oriented in 2018 and make more achievements that will bring us and our country honor and pride. Let every young person achieve the height that he or she aspires to achieve in 2018! Let each person find the guarantee of his or her success on the road to the peak…

P.S.: also wishes everyone a Happy New Year and promises to continue to present and reveal talented young people through the “Guarantee of Success” series in 2018. Happy New Year!