By Emma Matevosyan
Photos by Emma Matevosyan
2018-03-12 23:37
“Salam”-a magical word that puts a smile on your face
From March 1 to 8, Egypt’s AIR CAIRO and its official representative in Armenia - ANRIVA-TOUR travel agency - jointly organized a special cognitive/informative visit for Armenia’s media representatives.

Thirty representatives of various media outlets visited Sharm El Sheikh, which is one of the most well-known resorts in Egypt.

In quite a short period of time, the resort town of Sharm El Sheikh turned into one of the most populated cities for tourists, in spite of the fact that there are no registered residents. It is a city that has created all the conditions for the best vacation and entertainment.’s journalist was also participating in that media trip.

During the cognitive visit, Armenia’s journalists were introduced to the opportunities that Sharm El Sheikh has to offer for spending a vacation. After participating in various field trips and visiting many places, the journalists returned to Armenia on March 8.

During their 8-day cognitive trip, the journalists stayed at 5 hotels, including Reef Oasis Blue Bay, Savoy, Baron Resort, Barcelo Tiran and Aurora Oriental Resort.

At the airport, we are greeted by the employees of ANRIVA-TOUR’s exclusive partner in Egypt and the already beloved tour guide Ahmed Abbas, who showed his willingness and generosity throughout the trip. With a high sense of responsibility, he told about Egypt’s customs and traditions and everything that we needed to know and what we needed to avoid. Ahmed also stated that if we wanted to see an Egyptian smile, we simply had to say “Salam” (Hello).

The first thing you need to know is that you should never drink tap water in Egypt. Even if you don’t know foreign languages, it is quite easy to communicate in Egypt and make Egyptians understand what you want. You always have to bargain in a market.

We reach the first destination through the “Road of Life” (El Salam) and by listening to Ahmed’s jokes and stories.

Every hotel greeted us with moist towels and a reception (juices or light alcoholic drinks)-something like the “Salt and Bread” that Armenians treat when greeting people visiting Armenia.

We had the best impressions of the first stop - the Reef Oasis Blue Ray Hotel. The smiling employee accommodated us in our suites. The employee said her name was Ayleen and asked if everything was fine. There was everything in the suites, and when we would return to our suites after lunch, we see little hearts prepared especially for us on our beds that were made. It was a small thing that put smiles on our faces.

In the evening, Reef Oasis Blue Bay Hotel hosted a splendid outdoor dinner in the part of the hotel that looks to the beautiful coast. The organizers greeted us and said that they had prepared a beautiful program for us and wished that we spent a nice vacation.

The next day (Day 2), the journalists visited a mosque and the Ghpti Orthodox Church and were introduced to the historical backgrounds of the marvelous iconic images of the Church by the Russian-speaking tour guide. After dinner, the journalists went to Taj Mahal Disco where we danced freely and took a load off thanks to our tour guides and male journalists.

The second stop was Savoy Hotel, which is considered one of the most splendid hotels in Sharm El Sheikh. It is one of the unique hotels where you have access to wifi even in your suite. The hotel is located on Soho Street, which is one of the major streets of the city. Soho is like Northern Avenue in Yerevan. In the evenings, there are quite a lot of people, and the “singing fountains” are switched on after 22:00.

There are quite a lot of malls where you can buy souvenirs. Ramses Sharm, who works at one of those malls, told us that an area is quite expensive and that is why areas are mainly leased. The areas on Soho Street are quite expensive.

After being accommodated in the hotel (Day 3), the journalists participated in a Safari tour that gives you a large amount of adrenaline. We reach a tent of Bedouins where we are treated to tea and take a tour on a camel.

On Day 4, the organizers had planned a cruise on Fantazia Cruize boat. Even though nobody knew how to swim, we all took a risk and dived into the world of colorful and various types of fish in the Red Sea. Ahmed, our tour guide, had warned us and had told us not to touch the corals underneath the sea and the winged fish in the corals since they are quite dangerous. When asked if there were sharks, he jokingly replied: “There are no sharks here, but I have called and asked to bring sharks especially for you.”

The third stop was Baron Resort Hotel. The visit to this hotel was merely cognitive for the journalists. The hotel’s employees introduced us to the conditions of the hotel. After eating tasty foods and taking photos, we were transported to the next hotel.

The fourth stop was Barcelo Tiran Hotel, which is one of the most active hotels. During their two-day stay, the journalists participated in many competitions and won all of them. Many interesting programs and events were organized every evening at this hotel. During our stay at the hotel (Day 5), we were introduced to animator Anya, who was a contractual worker from Saint Petersburg and told us that she had previously worked in Hurgada, but felt better at Barcelo Tiran Hotel. The staff and administration were very kind. Anya will be working for three months, and after her contract ends, she can choose to either stay at the hotel or move. Anya also stated that she has quite a lot of work to do and that she still hasn’t managed to enjoy the beauty of the city, but when her contract ends, she will have 15 days to spend her vacation at Barcelo Tiran Hotel.

The next day (Day 6), the journalists enjoyed a marvelous belly-dancing show held at Thousand and One Nights Citadel. As a matter of fact, one of the most famous belly-dancers in Egypt is an Armenian girl by the name of Tsovinar, who is also known as Sofinaz.

The fifth stop was Aurora Oriental Resort, which is quite a comfortable hotel that hosted us on the last day of our visit (Day 7) with comfortable suites and tasty food.

In closing, it should be mentioned that the journalists had greater impressions than the impressions shared in this article. Sharm El Sheikh is the city that you want to visit again. As far as the food is concerned, let us mention that all the hotels offered various types of tasty food. So, you definitely won’t go hungry. 

P.S.1: Special thanks to our tour guide Ahmed Abbas, Public Relations Officer of the already very  beloved Anriva Group Marianna Paytyan, as well as the travel agency’s administration and all the employees for helping make our 7-day working vacation so pleasant and beautiful.

P.S.2: And the word “Salam” was truly magical and always put a smile on our faces.

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