Maxim Vengerov: "I want to convince Maestro Smbatyan to perform Bach's Double Concerto for Two Violins together”
The State Symphony Orchestra of Armenia and the world-known violinist Maxim Vengerov performed yesterday in the framework of Maltese International Music Festival.

During the musical evening, the audience enjoyed work of Pyotr Tchaikovsky under the conduction of maestro Sergey Smbatyan. Some parts from Russian composer's “Swan Lake” suite were presented, as well as his Violin Concerto (soloist Maxim Vengerov).

"We will perform Tchaikovsky's works together with Maxim Vengerov for the first time. However, we have collaboration experience, so I am sure concert will be success," - said conductor Sergey Smbatyan. So, everything was the way he promised. The concert was great success, and the audience did not allow the soloist and the orchestra go away, making them stay on the stage with long-lasting applauses.

"The mutual understanding between conductors and soloists is an important aspect for the performance, even more important than professionalism level. And I can say that it really exists between me and Sergey Smbatyan, due to our friendship and the fact Sergey himself is a violinist. I can promise, that probably can convince Maestro Smbatyan to perform together Bach's Double Concerto for two violins, "- said Vengerov in the interview given, adding that he is always impressed by the energy and enthusiasm which is always present within the Armenian State Symphony Orchestra.