By Ministry of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia
Congratulatory message of Arsen Karamyan
Congratulatory message of Deputy Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs of the Republic of Armenia Arsen Karamyan on the occasion of Student and Youth Day.

“Today Armenia is celebrating the day of students and youth, who are the most active, most brilliant and most enthusiastic members of our society. It is not by chance that the day of the foundation of Yerevan State University, the major smithy for Armenian education and science, has been declared as Student and Youth Day. The Armenian people have always attached special importance to knowledge and education, and young Armenians have always stood out with their appreciation of knowledge and education. I am glad that Armenia has been celebrating the national day dedicated to students and youth for several years now. This serves as a wonderful opportunity to properly appreciate the youth of the Republic of Armenia and speak out about their problems, as well as desires and expectations. Thus, I urge everyone to properly celebrate this day dedicated to our beloved young people and students and really turn it into a special day. Dear students and youth, I cordially congratulate you on this beautiful occasion and wish that the ongoing enrichment of knowledge and the consistent capacity-building become your lifestyle throughout your lives. I also wish you endless strength and vigor to implement your innovative ideas and projects to change the world and life in general and for the welfare and empowerment of our homeland.”