By Ayb Educational Foundation
Hovhannes Avoyan and Samvel Martirosyan hold master class
On June 22, Ayb Educational Foundation, in association with Skill, hosted another master class that was part of the Formula for Success Project.

This time, the master class was held by founding director of PicsArt Hovhannes Avoyan and media expert Samvel Martirosyan.

“When I was creating a startup, my motivation was creating a positive environment for people. When you work at a startup, it is important for you to do your job with pleasure and achieve great heights with a goal and by starting from the little things,” Hovhannes Avoyan.

Comparing a startup with climbing a mountain, Hovhannes Avoyan stated that, in both cases, going through the process with interest and pleasure creates an opportunity to enjoy the culmination outcome.

“According to a Chinese wisdom, it is good to copy the Prime Minister. Learning from competitors is a highly accepted strategy, especially when you create something that is valuable in the end,” Hovhannes Avoyan stated in his speech.

The meeting continued with a speech by Samvel Martirosyan.

“If there are more than 250 articles devoted to a particular topic on Google, you can become an expert in any profession in a week. If you feel that you have command of the given profession, feel free to present it that way. People cling to words. The important thing is to package it well,” the media expert said.

In closing, Samvel Martirosyan interpreted his formula for success and stated the following as he reflected on his work experience: “In my case, success is meaningless. I have never worked in any sector as long in order to achieve success. My formula for no success is innate laziness and my inner desire to overcome laziness and complexities.”