By David Grigoryan
2018-11-16 14:15
Emil Karat on Mariam Merabova’s concert, surprises and working in Armenia
Interview with Emil Karat. First of all, let’s touch upon Mariam Merabova’s concert in Armenia. We know that this is not the beloved singer’s first visit to Armenia. What will make this concert special?

Emil Karat: If we’re talking about Mariam and her November 29 concert, first of all, I must say that I have always known and have told Mariam that she has an opportunity to perform a variety of songs. She performs Soviet pop songs and lyrical, dramatic songs and ballads wonderfully. She performs them in her own way and in her own style, while continuing to achieve great heights in jazz. At the time, the singer became engaged in vocal and television projects such as “Голос”, “Три аккорда” and more. Her life “dictated” that she had to present a “palette” of new and brilliant songs, and this laid the foundation for implementation of the “100 Hours of Happiness” project, which premiered at the Home of Unions in Moscow. I have always wanted to see citizens of Yerevan listen to this kind of a Merabova. I think jazz fans and Merabova’s fans won’t stay indifferent and will discover a totally different Mariam. How long have you known Mariam? How did you start your collaboration with her?

Emil Karat: We met, became friends and started collaborating in 1995. There is a long story behind our friendship, and we have always fully understood each other. I am glad that my friends and I organize her concerts in Armenia, our homeland. I know that you organize various kinds of events in different countries around the world. Is it easy to work in Armenia? Do you like working here?

Emil Karat: I can’t tell you for sure. Projects end, and all you remember for years are the pleasant feelings. I must say that everything goes in its own way in Yerevan. There are hardships everywhere, but in Yerevan, they are specific since, for instance, there are no concert directors in Armenia. How many concerts have you managed to organize throughout your entire career? How many of those concerts have been held in Armenia?

Emil Karat: Of course, I haven’t counted, but probably around 300. There haven’t been too many open projects for audiences in Armenia. Out of the open projects, I can set aside the Yerevan Music Week Festival in 2013, Merabova’s concert tour in 2015 and Erna Yuzbashyan’s anniversary concert tour. I have also helped organize Nargiz’s concert and the “Kings of Ice: Fashion on Ice” concert. As for Yerevan Music Week Festival, do you plan on holding it again?

Emil Karat: The idea and format of the festival is a great success and promising, but there is no plan to hold another one anytime soon. I think there are several events being held in Yerevan and the audience won’t feel a difference, if we don’t hold it again.