By Roza Grigoryan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
The remarkable book presentations during Yerevan Book Fest
On December 1-2, the Second Yerevan Book Fest was held in the building of the Armenian General Benevolent Union. During the festival, Armenia’s publishing houses participated in an exhibition-sale, and there were presentations of 9 books that had won and become certified during the previous book festival, as well as other books. presents the remarkable book presentations held during the festival.

Presentation of Eduard Khachikyan’s novel “Citizen of Two Worlds”

The short stories in Khachikyan’s book “Citizen of Two Worlds” not only touch upon the heroic battle that took place in Artsakh, but also show the bad times in the troubling years, the unpredictable human destinies, the experiences and sufferings of heroes and sometimes the harsh trials and tribulations that people underwent. The author did not wish to present the stories as simply stories about heroism. As a freedom fighter and commander, the author shows the reader the horrors of war in different colors…The novel “Citizen of Two Worlds” is a story about the tortures and sufferings of an ill person who is abandoned by everyone, is mystified and eventually finds what he is looking for. Let us mention that the book is edited by Suren Abrahamyan and Vahan Ter-Ghazaryan, and the artistic editor is Syuzanna Khachikyan.

Presentation of the book series “Discovery”

The series of books “Discovery” will feature the notable, but not too well known Armenian medieval books. This series introduces the modern versions of the “Odes and Treasures” by Gregory of Narek and “Ode to the Chariot of Deity” by Vrdan Anetsi translated from grabar (classical Armenian) by writer and translator Vardan Fereshetyan. The book by Gregory of Narek serves as a summary of all of Gregory of Narek’s odes and five of the ten preserved treasures. Vardan Anetsi is perhaps one of the most unknown, yet greatest Armenian poets of Armenian medieval poetry. Out of his works, the only one that has been preserved is the “Ode to the Chariot of Deity”, which is presented to readers in this book series.

Presentation of Levon Shahnur’s book of short stories “The Catcher of Pains”

With new perspectives, philosophical thoughts, often utopist stories and with sorceries and rituals, Levon Shahnur aspires to penetrate the depths of life and to portray the world beyond accepted conditionalities. The main characters of the short stories are people who are misled in time and space and are trying to understand the reality around them and slice it up. Being thrown into the dark precipice of thoughts and sensations, they aspire to find the light.

Presentation of Anna Isabekyan’s children’s book “Kitty Sees a Bad Dream”

Kitty lives with her parents. She is in her world of wonders where she is amazed at and frustrated with different things, gets scared and becomes brave, gets happy and dreams. Kitty will continuously find herself in bookstores with her new stories, emotions and joys. Through these stories, Armenian children will learn how to overcome their fears, the jealousy of a child when his or her parents have a new baby, whims, becoming independent from a mother and other things…Kitty’s first book is entitled “Kitty Sees a Bad Dream” and is designed for children who are 2 and above.

Presentation of Charles Aznavour’s book of poems “Singer of the Century”

This book features the translations of over 60 songs of the great singer by three translators, including Abraham Alikyan, Samvel Gasparyan and Berge Turabian, along with the French texts. The book begins with a brilliant essay that talented translator and writer Garbis Sourenian wrote in the 1960s. It also includes excerpts that have been taken from the autobiographical novels written by Aznavour throughout the years and help try to present to readers certain human attributes of the great Armenian. The book is edited by Anahit Dashtents.

Presentation of Haik Hambardzumyan’s monograph “Daredevils of Sassoun: Story, Motive, Book Tradition”

The book is a monograph devoted to the comparative examination of the verbal versions of the “Daredevils of Sassoun” Armenian epic and the study of the relationship between Armenian medieval literature and the Bible. This book is the first detailed comparison of all the published versions of the epic and

classification into three typological groups (Moush, Moks, Sassoun). With a totally new methodology, the author sets aside the epic hypermotives and motives accepted in international folkloric studies, shows the mechanisms for building a series of episodes of the epic, the principles of shaping a character and distinguishes among the artistic features.

Presentation of Nerses Atabekyan’s book of poems “Spin Around the World”

Nerses Atabekyan’s book stands out with a new mindset. Misinterpretations of world culture run parallel to the image of our days. The spin around the world is the round-the-world cultural journey of the poet and the reader…

Presentation of Vahe Arsen’s book of poems “My Homeland Killing Don Quixote or They Initially Existed”

In this book, which comes 11 years after the release of the famous book entitled “Return of the Green Gods”, Vahe Arsen continues to pinpoint things in our reality, including societal discrepancies, clash of man and dictatorship, war and the loneliness of an individual, forgotten sensations and the search for love. The main character, who is grabbling among malformed objects and relations, meaningless words and political slogans, very sharply responds to the painful events that have taken place in Armenia over the past decade, starting from the events that took place on 1 March 2008 and ending with the Four-Day Artsakh War that took place in April 2016. He rebels against hypocrisy and immorality and dares to speak out about the current spiritual crisis, as well as the causes of that crisis and the devastating circumstances.