By Papin Muradyan
The harmony of sounds of the violin and organ transported the audience to a Cosmic World
On November 27, a spiritual music concert took place at Komitas Chamber Music Hall.

The launch of the concert of violinist, recipient of international awards Felix Harutyunyan and recipient of international awards, organ player Anastasia Igoshina was heralded by Professor of Yerevan Komitas State Conservatory, Merited Art Figure of the Republic of Armenia and artistic director and conductor of Sharakan Ensemble Daniel Yerazhisht.

The maestro gave a detailed and substantial presentation of the program, which included samples of music from the Baroque Era and Armenian medieval music.

The following proverb of John Eliot Gardiner was chosen as the epigraph for the concert: “God is wherever Bach is heard”. The second epigraph was the famous four lines of Poet of All Armenians Hovhannes Tumanyan:

“I breathe the air of the always living God everywhere,

I listen to His loud call and voice everywhere,

It exalts and remits my soul

The deep melody and murmur of the universe everywhere…”

Daniel Yerazhisht noted that there are various manifestations of the human soul in the Baroque Period, but what prevails and is dominant is the idea of salvation. According to academician Boris Asafev, “both Protestant and Catholic composers were religious preachers, especially in the 17th-18th centuries”.

The exceptional melodies of the violin and the organ transported the audience to a unique spiritual world.

After the performance of the song “Luys Zvart” (Bright Light), Daniel Yerazhisht addressed Anastasia Igoshina and said the following: “Who would think that this gifted lady is visiting Armenia for the first time? It seems as though Anastasia has been looking at Mount Ararat at dawn and during the sunset many times.”

As for Felix Harutyunyan, who received his music education in Armenia and abroad and whose talent is a genetic trait, would make the violin “talk” softly

and strongly, and the melody would reach out to the hearts and souls of each person in the audience.

At the end of the concert, Daniel Yerazhisht stated the following: “The peculiarity of the concert was that all the works were united around one main idea, that is, the Resurrection of Jesus Christ and the Salvation of mankind crucified next to Him. This is exactly the supreme mission of music, according to Bach.”

Let us mention that this spiritual music concert was held under the patronage of the State Center for Spiritual Music (director Anahit Papayan).