By Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-04-02 22:43
Today is International Children’s Book Day
It's no coincidence that April 2 marks the International Children's Book Day. On April 2, 1805, the Danish world famous children’s writer Hans Christian Andersen was born.

The purpose of this holiday is to remind people once again about the importance of the book and especially the children's book because via books children begin to develop their imagination to believe in their dreams.

Pedagogue Naira Yedigaryan attaches importance to the celebration of the International Children's Book Day since she is sure it is another opportunity to draw the children's attention to the book and reading.

"The love and interest of children and adolescents in reading and literature comes first from the family and school. When I write, I do not care about specifying this or that topic to the reader. I just write about the characters that appear in my mind. Then the reader decides what is close to him, "notes Naira Yedigaryan.

In some bookstores, libraries periodically discussions and readings of fairy tales are organized. For example, in the National Children's Library named after Khnko Aper, the Children's Book and Music Week has kicked off, within the framework of which children and adolescents will meet with young writers. These and other similar activities encourage reading in children.

The fairy tale writer Elphik Zohrabyan thinks that today the children's literature in Armenia is developing normally. The problem is to introduce readers with the works of Armenian young writers. "Every fairy tale or a children's book is bringing a new breath, new handwriting and style. Children's literature is developing normally, but good books should be available, the reader is not to blame, because he does not know that there are new tales today. We bow before classics, but today we need literature for the 21st century child and teenager." conducted a survey in several bookstores in Yerevan to find out how much interest there is in the Armenian society for children's books and especially what books Armenian readers prefer.

Varduhi Sargsyan, a book consultant at Noyan Tapan Bookshop, mentioned that recently Narine Abgaryan's book "History with Fiction" and Mkrtich Armen's "Colorful Kingdom" have become most popular among readers. The works of contemporary writers are also demanded.

In the bookcase chain "Bookinist", according to Sales Manager Sona Sargsyan, the most popular children's books by young writers are Anush Margaryan's "Flying Omelette" and Narine Abgaryan's books. Parents mainly buy books for teenagers, but there are also schoolchildren who visit the bookstore and choose their favorite books.

Shake, consultant at the “Epigraph” bookstore, said that Nune Sargsyan's "Three Dragons" is the most demanding book in this booklet.

April 2 has been celebrated as the International Children's Book Day since 1967.