By Mariam Hovuni
Photos by Mariam Hovuni
2019-04-02 23:20
“Without Mask”: Mesrop Mesropyan’s Exhibition
On April 1, Nareatsi Art Institute hosted Mesrop Mesropyan’s photo exhibition entitled “Without Mask”.

Lilit Vardumyan, Coordinator of the Exhibitions of Narekatsi Art Society, as well as artist, educator, RA Distinguished Worker of Art, pedagogue Edik Vardanyan and Deputy Chairman of the Journalists Union of Armenia Vardan Aloyan made welcoming speeches.

“The spirit of Mesrop is felt in every picture. His photos are very deep, each one resembles a prose, being creative, versatile, interesting, meaningful,” - Edik Vardanyan said in his speech.

Vardan Aloyan also wished Mesrop Mesropyan creative and professional progress.

“The idols of modernity do not miss the opportunity to remind you that “you deserve the best”, that you just have to be young, seductive and happy, otherwise you have failed. The only exception is perhaps children who have avoided the trap of this universal fraud: their portraits are a separate planet, full of delicacy and expectations. Perhaps this was the reason why I was trying to photograph the heroes of my first portraits secretly, trying to find the moment when the mask slipped and the real face was visible,” - the photographer said.

Mesrop Mesropyan has been engaged in professional photography since 2012. He has worked for Golos Armenii, Respublika Armenia, and TV Mall. Now he works at the Armenian State Academy of Fine Arts as an official website editor.

The exhibition “Without Mask” will be open until April 13.