By Mariam Hovuni
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-04-05 13:54
“Flower” Exhibition at the Artists’ Union
On April 4, the exhibition hall of the Union of Artists hosted the opening of the exhibition of self-portrait painter Irina Saghyan.

Pedagogue Irina Saghyan years ago discovered in herself the talent of painting, and this all drastically changed her way of life.

As she sincerely told us during the interview, her day begins with painting. Her pictures show her emotions, mood and thoughts. This time more than 50 works are exhibited.

“I have so much to say ...,” - says Irina's art and comes to confirm the formula that it is never too late to start, and it's important to find what will suit your life.

Painters, art critics, and other representatives of the field took part in the exhibition. The art critic Varditer Gamagelyan underlined that the weather and new germinating trees are in line with the exhibition of Irina Saghyan.

Let us remind that Irina Saghyan has participated in numerous exhibitions both in Armenia and abroad. In particular, Irina Saghyan had an exhibition at the Godo Showroom in Los Angeles. The author's works were also presented at the exhibition dedicated to the Armenian Genocide in Los Angeles.

By the way, the exhibition will be open until April 9 at the Artists' Union.