By Milena Mkrtchyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-04-05 17:36
The Book Written by Pozner “Farewell to Illusions” in Armenian
The Armenian translation of the book "Farewell to Illusions", authored by well-known journalist Vladimir Pozner has been published.

Pozner wrote this book twenty-one years ago, in 1990. It is written in English. In the US, for 12 weeks it remained in the Bestseller List of “The New York Times”. He thought that his book would be translated immediately in Russian, but as he said: “It was too hard to write it, so I will wait a little”. And he waited for 18 years, the translation finished in 2008. For the next three years, he was thinking how those years were reflected in the manuscript.

Only in 2012, according to the author, it was time to publish the Russian version of the book. Armenian translation was made from Russian.

The Armenian translation of the book was initiated and implemented by the Publishing House “Orakul”. The director Ruben Ishkhanyan says the idea of publishing the book of Pozner was born two years ago. Six months took the negotiation process with Pozner for acquiring copyright. The translation lasted one and a half years, and now the book is ready.

“This book has been translated into very few languages. One can say that at the moment the book has been translated only in Russia and Armenia on the CIS space. It has also been translated in Korea, Japan and other countries,” - Ishkhanyan said.

It was the first attempt to translate a book of political orientation for Felix Bakhchinyan. According to him, the main message of the book is the right, open and sincere discussion of the Soviet order.

“April 1 marked Pozner’s 85th birthday anniversary, but he continues his professional career. This is the first book of Pozner translated into Armenian. I did not encounter language problems during the translation. When translating a political book, it is impossible to look at it from a different point of view or edit something. I've done more two small jobs. I have added two notes,” - said the translator.

Pozner will arrive in Armenia to take part in the presentation of the book. According to preliminary data, the presentation will take place in the third decade of May.

This book will be available in bookstores on Monday. The first edition is 1000 copies. The publisher predicts that there will be re-publication soon.