2019-04-06 21:38
Unique author's program "Transformation of Time through Art" includes many art branches
On April 26, Yerevan's Stanislavski Drama Theater will feature a unique anuthor's program titled "Transformation of Time through Art" by RA Honored Artist Anna Harutyunyan. It represents a synthesis of different types of art in one presentation. The performance was included in the list of cultural programs carried out within the Days of Francophonie in Yerevan in April 2019 with the support of the RA Ministry of Culture and the Swiss Embassy in Armenia.

The aim of the presentation in Armenian and French is to present the Armenian culture in a new way. The project is based on Anna Harutyunyan's "And there was nothing ...", "Creation of the World," "The Crucifixion of the World," "The World's 7 Wonders" and "Window of the World" monumental paintings.

These five works are both globally and very strictly Armenian, as they express the development of the world and civilization, in particular, the role of the Armenian people in this process. The program will include painting, music, literature, clothing modeling, modern technology, particularly 3D screen, 3D animation, pantomime, light, sound and odor effects. There will be music of different genres. On the stage, a unique picture will appear which will then be resolved on the screen, from which three different models will come out with ornaments with the same sketch.