Interview by Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-04-07 14:36
“Do not hurry to raise your kids faster: enjoy every second”. Mother of many children recommends
Being mother means to be happy. All mothers know it. The happiness of our young heroine Gayane Poghosyan is a universal one – she has 5 children. She holds the honorary title of a mother of many children.

Mother of five children Gayane Poghosyan graduated from YSU Faculty of Philosophy, Sociology and Psychology with a degree in philosophy. She attended AUA Business Women's courses, after which she founded her own business. She was the founder-director of the Baby Clothing Store over ten years. She is also the chairman of the recently established NGO “I am Next to You”.

We talked to a young mother about family, children, her activities, charity, dreams and goals.

- Such families today do not meet so much. Did you always think about having a big family in your dream?

Yes, when I first met with my husband, we dreamed of a big family. And more specifically, we wanted 13 children.

- What challenges have you faced in the past and what challenges you are facing today?

To be honest, all my children were very calm. At the same time, I had my mother’s and my mother-in-law's help when needed. So I enjoyed every second and overcame all the difficulties.

-Do you receive state to support?

I have not received any support from the state. Maybe there is support, but I am not interested in it.

- What kind of activity do you have in “Kind Mama” NGO?

I am a member of the Board of “Kind Mama” NGO. I participate in the events, helping as much as possible.

-How the idea of creating an NGO called “I am Next to You”? Have expectations been justified?

As I've lost my grandparents in early age, I always had special feelings for the elderly. At the moment, they are the most vulnerable in our country. After a few cognitive visits to our nursing homes, I learnt better of the current situation and the problems of the aged people. So we founded the NGO to support the elderly. I was pleasantly surprised to see the readiness and active participation of our society. At the moment, our NGO is implementing an initiative in which everyone can participate. We organize events for elderly people outside the elderly’s home.

- What advice do you give to those women who are just getting started?

Do not hurry to raise your kids faster but enjoy every second. They will grow up too fast, and you'll miss their childhood forever.

- Your dreams and goals ...

Let's have 25 grandchildren, and on Saturdays, everyone will come to grandparents' house to make us happy. I will also prepare a great meal that my husband, my children, my sons and daughters, my grandchildren, my grandchildren and I like to enjoy time.