By Mariam Hovuni
2019-04-08 14:20
“I often talk to glasses which I give a new life and breath”: Lusine Avetisyan
A professional psychologist, Lusine Avetisyan's name, maybe says nothing to you, but coordinating her work brand “Sorpresa” has gathered under its name the colorful, ornate dishes of the young artist and not only. interviewed her about work, success, and future plans.

- Lusine, when you created the first work which became fatal?

My "fatal" work was in 2016. I was painting on the plate as a result of the experiments before painting on paper, clothes, linen. This work was greatly appreciated by my friends and family. Everyone was saying that not only for me, but for all art lovers. By the way, the plate is still close to me and is not subject to sale.

-How does the profession of psychologist help in handmade works?

Psychologist's profession helps to better understand what the client wants, although I do not want to call the customer, those who want to have my works. After a little conversation, I can imagine what the person likes or what the colors will be more familiar to him.

- Will You talk about Sorpresa brand?

“Sorpresa” was created in 2017. The choice of the name was very quick and I asked my girlfriends and relatives to help me with the selection, who offered many interesting options, but I chose my version. When I was creating a brand, I did not think that in a short time the public would love it. I want to say with regret that my copyrights they are trying to duplicate, it is a very unpleasant phenomenon, but it is still a proof that I have good luck in this area.

I wish them a bright creative idea and a unique manner to create, so that they do not need to emulate the works of another author.

-Who are your customers?

The customers of “Sorpresa” are those people who like something unique, appreciate handmade work. I have even made friends in this short period of time with some people, there are people who have ordered several times.

-What are your future plans?

I'm trying not to stop and not get satisfied with the achievements, constantly creating and I'm sorry to say that I do not have enough time, I have some unfinished canvases and hopefully will finish soon. Besides painting on a tableware, I also make miniature paintings on notebooks. They are the only ones in Armenia of their type and are unique. I've started a series of bags and wallets and will soon introduce them. Now I'm working on a new collection of clothes that has been modeled by my beloved sister, and I'm painting. In a few days, will be ready. I have received interesting collaboration proposals which are still under discussion. I'll let you know later about the results.