By Hrachuhi Almastyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-04-11 10:29
“In my Paintings, the Same Reality is in Parallel Worlds.” Berta Martirosyan
Berta Martirosyan's photo exhibition “Mirror Parallels” opened in “Dalan Art” gallery.

Her works are parallels between the two sides of life: the old and the new, the black and the white, the light and the darkness. In her paintings, the city has its modern life, architectural beauty, monuments and, at the same time, old buildings.

The modern business center is opposite the old, ruined buildings that have a hundred and more history OF years. The exhibition is also about people who live and work, walk and think in mirror parallels.

“Mirror parallels - because I have all the pictures taken through the mirror. I tried to show the difference in images through the mirror. In my paintings, the same reality is in parallel ghosts. Two different “faces” of the same city. There are only a few buildings that have preserved their individuality; the rest are destroyed or are in process,” - Berta Martirosyan told

Le us note that this is the author’s third personal exhibition. It will be open for 7 days, entrance is free.

Gallery: Berta Martirosyan's photo exhibition: “Mirror Parallels”