By Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-04-18 16:20
Director, Screenwriter Mher Mkrtchyan, already author of the book
The artistic director, director and screenwriter of the Mher Mkrtchyan Artistic Theater Mher Mkrtchyan recently presented the book "Kiss of a Drunk Monkey" to the readers. The book was published by "Antares" publishing house.

Like in Mher Mkrtchyan's films, scenarios and plays, the main and most important part of the book  is the man. The author highlights the extent to which it is possible to create emotions, excitement, or joy. talked to Mher Mkrtchyan about her first experience in the field of literature, the difficulties she encountered, the filmmaking of the novel, and other details of her creative activity.

- How did you decide to enter the literature area?

I wanted to write and start writing as a script. Then I showed it Arkmenik Nikoghosyan, as always I was interested in his opinion on the literature. He became the editor of the book. I was a little excited because I did not have an experience writing a book. What I was writing was a scenario and with his help it received a shape of the book. Arkmenik, you are my teacher in this work.

- How did you choose the theme and the characters?

When I start writing it, I do not know what to write about. I just love writing and writing. And then, whether it's a book or a script, it starts to live by itself. Of course, then I work out some of the rules that fit the script or the book, but when writing a page, I do not know what happens on the second, third, or other pages. That's what I'm interested in. The book is Russian, because I cannot write Armenian fiction. I have received Russian education.

- Can we point out that cinematography remains a priority for you, and literature is a favorite preference?

 I do not want to treat literature as a preference, because I consider it my profession. In my opinion, there is not a big difference in writing scripts or writing books. After all, I'm not a director or a screenwriter with my diploma. I got my education in Moscow, where I lived for 27 years.

- Now, when you already have some experience in the field of literature, what do you think is more difficult for writing a script or a literary work? Which work do you consider to be more exciting?

It's a complicated question. I do not know what is more difficult. Perhaps it is even more difficult to write a script, because in that case you have to take into account about many things: how will it be filmed, what will it cost, who will play, many other production and financial issues? You are free to write a book. You do not care about anything. Perhaps on this side, writing a book is much more enjoyable.

- In your busy and saturated everyday life do you find time for reading? If yes, what do you read?

For the theater I read lots of plays, good and bad, because now I'm overloaded with theater. Directors have the opportunity to come and play there, but my first question is always the following: "What do you want to stage?" Different filmmakers offer different things and you'll all read these plays. This is not an advantage, but a negative aspect of being an art director, as you have to read a lot and not always good literature.

- Which books would you recommend reading to young people?

 The modern young man should read everything. Starting from Shakespeare, Hugo to Fitzgerald, Selinjer, and reaching modern literature. There is an educated person and there is an uneducated person. If the youth wants to be educated, then they should read.