By Milena Mkrtchyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-05-09 00:08
A Blue Fox from Fairy Tale – Lilit Altunyan
Young illustrator Lilit Altunyan graduated from Kh. Abovyan State Pedagogical University. For many years she has worked as a designer. Then in France she studied animation and graphic design for two years. Then Lilit returned to Armenia.
The book "The Blue Fox" by Lilit Altunyan was published here by "Zangak" Publishing House. Speaking to, Lilit Altunyan acknowledges that the fairy-tale blue fox in the woods in the summer resembles her a lot: “It is known in the forest immediately because it is blue. She has been in the distant forests, dreaming of finding the blue forest - has seen the autumn rain, the winter snow and the spring flowers ...”

We talked to Lilit Altunyan about her creative activities.

- How do You choose what to illustrate? 

I illustrate my stories. I love it more. I mainly create my inner world, driven by the feelings. Even unconsciously, I created the "Blue Fox".

- Recently You have participated in the Exhibition-Fair of the Literature for Children in Bologna. What are Your impressions?
This was the 56th edition of this event and has a recognition in the European space. Armenia also participates in it, but is not very active. Few of our publishers make the propaganda of our writers. The illustrators are not paid well. I participated for the second time in this event at my own initiative.

- What did this participation give You?

Just to become a part of this environment is already a very important thing. Young people are being provided there with an opportunity to show their works experienced specialists, listen to their advices.

- Have You tried to focus on other topics?

I do not prefer just the genre of children’s literature. I have also love stories.

Also, I will participate in the Annecy animation festival soon. My short film animation film last year won a course-competition in the frames of the project Animation du Monde. So, I create in the field of copyright animation.

- What are Your future plans?

Now I work on the illustration of one work, which has not been written by me. The author is French, not very popular. In future I want to present one new project – graphic novel.