Author: Harutyun Tsatryan
2019-05-26 17:14
Youth Employment Policy Issues are in the Focus of the FYCA
Recommendation CM / Rec (2017/4) of the Council of Europe's Council of Ministers on Council of Europe Member States has become a key topic for youth working and living in Yerevan and the regions of Armenia.

The Federation of Youth Clubs of Armenia organized a one-day seminar titled "We Recommend Youth Work", bringing together about three dozen young people from the capital and provinces. The event organizers, from March 11 to 15, had participated in the training program on youth employment policy at the Strasbourg Youth Center in Strasbourg, and shared their knowledge and skills with the seminar participants.

“Today Yerevan and regional youth have joined our event. We gathered to discuss who young employee is, what his functions are, what youth work is, what we understand when we use the phrase "youth policy". I think it is clear to the participants of the seminar why it is important to talk about youth work. Besides, it is clear now for the participants how a young man can advocate for solving his own problems,” - said Diana Yeghiazaryan, FYCA International Secretary.

The seminar participants also spoke about the activities of the Council of Europe, mentioning the role of the structure in the life of the Armenian youth. The organizers introduced the participants to the Council of Europe Ministerial Council's Recommendation on youth work in 2017; by the way, for the first time they themselves translated it into Armenian. As a result, a debate took place on a number of points in the document.

It is noteworthy that in the 1287th meeting of the Council of Ministers of the Council of Europe, the Council of Europe adopted the Recommendation CM / Rec (2017) 4, which encourages the Council of Europe member states to develop and strengthen their youth employment policies and practices.

The participants of the seminar decided to actively engage in public discussions, both in Yerevan and in the country's regions, at the stage of developing youth policy in Armenia. In the end of the event active participants also received certificates.