By Susanna Sahakyan
2019-08-16 21:32
There is a Need for a Gym in Akner Village launches a series of publications in partnership with “Sose Women's Issues” NGO, entitled Empowering Women in Community Involvement, where not journalists, but the representatives of youth highlight the issues related to the youth in Armenia. What issues concern young people living in Syunik region, how these issues affect their daily lives, dreams and behavior and what solutions to offer.

About youth, in the language of youth, on the youth platform.

Pupils at Akner Village School continue to lose their physical education classes due to the absence of a gym, but the school has an attached second building, which lacks only interior decoration to become a gym.

Akner village is located in the northwestern part of Goris town and has a picturesque view. This is probably the reason why the village students still persistently go to their village school and do not go to the neighboring village school, ignoring the fact that they do not have a gym. For the youth of the village, sport has an indispensable role. For youth and teenagers who do not have places to spend their leisure, sport can be a great opportunity to relax and train, also to have a fun and enjoyable time. It is terrifying how sports classes can be so important, but at the same time ignoring the fact that some village students are directly deprived of the opportunity to practice physical education like a normal human being.

Especially when the school has a second adjacent building, and with little investment in it, our younger generation can gain access to the much needed gym.

The school also has a sports ground, which has military-sport equipment, but I think we all realize that the weather is favorable for a few months during the school year for the outdoor fitness classes. After all, Akner is a mountain village and the temperature here is lower․

Urbanization is a big issue today, and not supporting the school will contribute to the expansion of these problems. I remind all responsible officials and those able to solve this problem: 154 students study in Akner village school (I-XII grades), the adjacent to the school building is 156 square meters. It has an area, it is solid, the roof is new. There is no significant outflow of population in Akner village, and there will be no shortage of users of the gym.