By Roza Grigoryan
Photos by Emma Matevosyan
VR Zipline was Put into Operation in Armenia for the First Time
The first VR Zipline was put into operation in Armenia and is aimed at developing tourism, creating new job opportunities and activating public life.

Zipline transports visitors through virtual reality to a completely different space environment as they fly over one of the most spectacular places in Yerevan - the Hrazdan Gorge. It was made by Yerevan Zipline Airlines.

This zipline is the only one in the world that passes under the bridge at an altitude of 87-90 meters, and the longest in the region - 1.5 km. It is also special in that it is adapted for people with disabilities.

On August 16, media representatives also tested VR Zipline.

Zhirayr Musheghyan is the Co-Founder and Director of Yerevan Ziplines Airlines, which is a unique VR Zipline worldwide. He noted that 3D VR special glasses are used, during which the visitor in the virtual reality sees something quite different and moves to another reality while flying in the air.

“Our Zipline is the longest in the region and the only one in the world to cross the bridge. We have two runways, 870 and 650 meters long. The flight speed can reach up to 140 km/h, but it depends on the weight, the opposing winds and the flight position. At the beginning of the first runway, the altitude of the flight is 123 meters, which is 75-85 meters under the Davitashen bridge,” – he said․