2019-08-20 17:56
More than Two Dozen Works by Komitas to be Presented at the GUTAN Festival
On the initiative of the MRRO Armenian National Art Center, the traditional "Gutan" festival of song and dance will take place on August 23 at 19:00 Cafesjian Sculpture Garden (Cascade).

The best bands representing national song and dance are participating in the festival: Akunk, Sasna Tsrer, Van, Masunk, Tarontsi, Maratuk, Nubar, Gorani, Tnjre (Artsakh), Return, Conduct Armenian, Tavros, Zartonk, Ardvin, Vostan, Areg, Marat Sebastians, Goran of Bazmaberd.

GUTAN Festival is a unique platform where traditional songs and dances are presented in their own ethnic form without any modern development.

Traditional songs and dances representing all Armenia will be performed, each band will be present works by Komitas, and 5 short films about the Master will be shown.

The founder of the festival, RA Honored Artist Arsen Grigoryan has been conducting the festival since 2014, which in a short period of time has made it a favorite and awaited event.

“The goal of Gutan is to preserve and disseminate traditional Armenian songs and dances, to make it more recognizable to the younger generation,” - says Arsen Grigoryan, adding that the festival has its clear principles of presenting only pure songs and dances, with only live performances, live accompaniment using our national duduk, blul, shvi, zurna, kopal, dhol instruments.

It is possible to see traditional songs and dances representing different regions and provinces of Armenia (from Cilicia to Artsakh) with all their branches. Every year at least 50-60 traditional songs and dances are archived, which are recorded in the highest quality.

All of us together on August 23 at 7:00 are going to take part in this unique celebration in Yerevan.

The goal of Arsen Grigoryan is to expand the geography of Gutan: the festival will also be held in different regions of Armenia.