By Milena Mkrtchyan
Photos by Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-09-10 22:19
Traditional Dishes from Different Communities in One Place
The goal of the Food Sharing program is to create a platform where representatives from different communities can tell about themselves, their culinary culture, dishes, cooking traditions, table setting. According to the organizers, the main purpose of the event is to unite the communities of Armenia.

“In 2018, we attended a conference in France where we met with five organizations from different countries and decided to apply for such a project. We got that opportunity. This event has already been organized in Poland, Romania and Croatia. Now we are doing in Armenia, and then the same project should be organized in France,” - said Liana Dashyan, Program Officer of Global Youth Union NGO.

Representatives from six communities - Polish, Greek, Jewish, Assyrian, Russian and Ukrainian - attended the event. The choice of dishes is theirs. everyone was trying to present their culture, their cuisine.

Adelina Livshitz represents the Jewish community; “Today I present a Jewish stuffed fish dish called 'Gifelte Fish'. It is prepared for the holiday table. Soon, September 28, is the Jewish New Year, Rosh a Shana. "Gifelte Fish" is a must dish that should be on the holiday table. It symbolizes prosperity and wealth.”

Araksya Avchiyeva, who represents the Assyrian community, has previously participated in similar events and presented national cuisine. However, the dish she prepared for this event was different with its unique composition, history and name.

“The dish I present is called “Black Shamiram”. It is an Assyrian candy that differs from the other dishes in that it is made from egg yolk cooked in the dough and then passed through a scraper. Then cook the dough and chocolate filling. I decided to prepare and present this dish as Shamiram is well known. The taste of sweets is also unique. Black Shamiram was made by the Assyrians of Urmia. I learned about this dish from my grandmother. she handed the recipe to my mom and my mom to me,” - Araksya told