By Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-09-19 22:39
Film Library. Rainy Day in New York
"Rainy Day in New York" is the 48th feature film directed by Woody Allen.

The film's director and screenwriter is American film director, actor, producer, four-time Oscar-winning writer, author of numerous stories and plays by Woody Allen. "Rainy Day New York" comedy main roles embody the American singer, actress, producer and fashion designer, Selena Gomez, actor Timothy Shalamen actress El Fanninge, actor David Judy Heyvort Lowe, British actress Rebecca Hall, Mexican actor Diego Luna Alexander, American actor, Director and Producer Isaac Lev Schreiber and others.

The budget for this romantic comedy was $ 25 million. The film was shot in New York in the fall of 2017. The shooting was over a year ago. The screening of the film was delayed by big screenings, as Allen's reputation was threatened by a sexual scandal. Although the film's premiere was in jeopardy due to Allen and Amazon's problems, the comedy will be in rent since October 10.

This comedy, like most Allen’s films, is about love. The film's events take place in New York, where Gatsby, Timothy Shallan, and Ashley El Fanning come on weekends. The boy is from a wealthy New York family, and the girl is from a small town in Arizona. Ashley is a beginner journalist and is very pleased to be given the opportunity to interview the famous filmmaker. A young man raised in Manhattan wants to show his girlfriend his hometown. Fate gives her that opportunity when the girl receives an offer to travel. Lovers come to New York, but spend almost no time together. The meeting between the journalist and the director should last one hour. However, all programs disrupt the unexpected rain, and that very rainy day fundamentally and permanently changes their lives. Ashley's short interview becomes her entry into the world of film production. The girl is captured by the world of stellar bohemians. And the boy meets his old girlfriend in a rainy megalopolis. The boy becomes confused and introduces the immoral girl to her parents. All this takes place against the background of Woody Allen's beloved New York City.