By Youth Initiatives Center of Gyumri NGO
Making Youth Work
2019 The Youth Initiatives Center of Gyumri NGO initiated actions aimed at the development of youth work.

In April-May meetings and discussions were held in Gyumri, Vanadzor and Yerevan to clarify the necessity of forming a youth work platform.

The results of the discussions were summarized and presented to interested persons and structures during the June 28 forum in Yerevan. You can read about them once more here.

You can also read about the study of European sectoral networks presented during this meeting.

During the discussions it was really necessary to consider a junior. the creation of a network of employees, and an agreement was reached to form a working group of interested persons, to carry out the preparatory work for the creation of the network.

We are pleased to announce that at this moment Gyumri YIC NGO, with the support of the RA Ministry of Education and Science and in cooperation with NGO Center and Armenian Progressive Youth NGO, has launched the "Youth Work in Armenia" project, the first component of which is planned work on creating a network.

I would like to inform you that the first meeting of the Networking Working Group took place on August 28 in Gyumri with the participation of a number of stakeholders.

The next meeting of the working group is scheduled to take place on September 24 in Vanadzor, with the main purpose of discussing and defining the goals, objectives and functions of the network.

The meeting will take place in the office of NGO Center (Vanadzor, Khorenatsi 6/1) from 14:00 to 16:00.

The Network's "founding meeting" is scheduled for mid-October in Yerevan.