By Hermine Karapetyan
2019-09-22 17:26
Our People are the Most Beautiful and Pleasant
Find out about the canonists Susanna Manaseryan and Lilit Gevorgyan. They are also known as the Experimental duo in the music world.

The band has been operating for two years now, and is mainly experimenting with different genres. jazz, classical, pop, while not forgetting about the national, it performs folk, dance, carols, presenting them with an Armenian approach.

Lilit recalls: “It was very difficult for us to choose a band name, something we wanted to do that was interesting and characteristic to say something about the band already. After a long thought we found what we wanted, the Experimental duo. "

Together with the Experimental duo and Emmanuel Hovhannisyan they have also created a “suspus project”.

Now the girls are studying in the conservatory's canon section 4 course. Most of the time is devoted to lessons, saying that after graduation they will be more active in music. Lilit thinks that it takes a lot of time for her beloved to work. “There is a tendency that all children attend canon lessons. It has become very popular. This is, of course, a positive tendency, on the other hand there is a growing competition, a problem of difference. And this has its good side, it encourages us to work harder and learn something new.”

The girls, Susanna and Lilit, say that they are going to perform a number of songs in the near future, with new and exciting experiments, new collaborations, as well as preparing to shoot a video. Female rulers are convinced that in order to succeed, you must first and foremost love the work you do, not break down, and never give up on goals and dreams.

You can find out more about the girls' activities by following them on their Experimental Duo Facebook page.