By Milena Mkrtchyan
Photos by Milena Mkrtchyan
2019-09-27 16:23
Interactive Experimental Exhibition at YSU
On September 25, YSU Main Building hosted an interactive experimentation exhibition dedicated to the 150th anniversary of D. Mendeleev's periodic table, the 100th anniversary of YSU and the 60th anniversary of the Faculty of Physics.

Alikhanyan National Laboratory (Institute of Physics) and YSU Faculty of Physics had jointly organized the event. The interactive experiments were attended by students of YSU faculties, staff of the Institute of Physics, teachers and pupils of a number of schools of the capital and the republic. The experiments were carried out by the scientists Alikhanyan National Scientific Laboratory and YSU Faculty of Physics.

Yeranuhi Ghandilyan is a researcher at the National Scientific Laboratory after Alikhanyan. She said: “We represent our institute. Here are some experiments that will be of interest to children, schoolchildren, students and adults. People come, study, ask questions. It seems that, for example, old, Soviet equipment should not interest young people, but we see that they are coming, they are very serious, they ask, they are interested. There is a sense of interest and enthusiasm.

Liquid nitrogen ice cream, nuclear reactions, particle capture and identification detectors, optical tests, laser and optical tests spectrum registration, etc. Gor Mkhitaryan is studying in one of the schools in Vanadzor. He has indicated that he wants to continue his education at YSU after graduation. His most favorite subjects are chemistry, physics, biology. That is why when the lecturer informed about the presentation of interactive experiments, Gor expressed a great desire to participate. “We came, we saw many discoveries. I am very impressed. For example, during one of my attempts, a fire burned in my hand."

The visitors also had the opportunity to meet world-renowned scientist Yuri Hovhannisyan, after whom is named Dmitri Mendeleev's 118th item Oganesson in the Periodic Table.