By Hermine Karapetyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-10-25 10:36
The Traditional “Pumpkin Day” Aims to Educate Eco-generation
On October 23 and 24, Yerevan Zoo was more crowded than usual, but this time, children gathered not only to see the animals but also to take part in the traditional “Pumpkin Day”, which featured a number of exciting events, as well as screenings and discussions.

Year by year the Zoo becomes more interesting and inclusive in the Yerevan Zoo. This year the “Pumpkin Day” is being held within the framework of the 9th SunChild International Environmental Festival.

On October 23, the sculpture “Lion” by Vigen Avetis, head of the sculpture school at Mkhitar Sebastatsi Educational Complex, was placed in the zoo.

After the start of the “Pumpkin Day”, each school team had to prepare a variety of fruits and vegetables for their favorite animal diet and serve them with pumpkin containers.

As a result of the competition the first two classes will have the opportunity to visit the zoo for free for one year, participate in all the events organized in the park and get acquainted with the newly introduced animal species.

SunChild 9th International Environmental Festival is being held in Yerevan on October 22-25, organized by the SunChild Nature and Cultural Protection NGO Foundation and the Foundation for the Preservation of Wildlife and Cultural Assets.

The aim of the festival is to raise awareness of environmental issues and wildlife conservation in Armenia, especially among youth. 2019 has been proclaimed the year of the Caucasian leopard (Panthera pardus ciscaucasica), so joining the state initiative aimed at conservation and awareness raising will also be the strongest Caucasian leopard at the center of the festival.

Within the framework of the 9th SunChild International Environmental Festival, more than 30 environmental films from different countries will be screened in Yerevan, with Armenian subtitles, a number of the most interesting workshops on environmental and film production, as well as a photo exhibition on environmental issues.