By Hermine Karapetyan
Photos by Armen Simonyan
2019-10-25 23:01
Education-Labor Market, Employer-Student Relationship at ASUE Fair
I am on the way to the University of Economics. The university yard is more crowded than usual. Students are happier than usual with smiles on their faces.

As I try to find out the essence of the event and the organizers, I hear one of the female students speaking.

- You know I got a job offer, I have to pass a probation, and then maybe get a job.

It was not hard to see why students from different universities were rushing to the University of Economics with their CVs.

Today, October 25, the Armenian State University of Economics in cooperation with the State Employment Agency of the Ministry of Labor and Social Affairs organized a job fair in the courtyard of the university, the main purpose of which was to strengthen education-labor market, employer-student relations.

According to ASUE acting rector Diana Galoyan, the fair also aims to provide students with informal contacts with employers; "One of our goals is to deepen the link between the university and employers, to understand and analyze the requirements of the employer so that we can adequately implement educational reforms and produce graduates who have the skills and knowledge that employers need," said Diana Galoyan.

He also informed that they are going to hold a workshop with employers in November, during which they will discuss the issue of organizing student internship effectively.

According to Mrs. Galoyan, both employers and students needed it, and this is evidenced by the fact that 54 organizations participated in the fair: “Many organizations have just turned down because we didn't have a place in the yard anymore. But such fairs, student-employer meetings, we will organize more often. The fair is attended by various banks, insurance companies, industrial enterprises, IT organizations, and we have not only targeted students of our university but also sent invitations to different universities, as well as students from other universities,” - said Diana Galoyan.

During the event, master classes were also held: “The Most Required Profession”, “Who is the Employer Looking for? Current Labor Market Requirements in Armenia” and “How to Write a Competitive Biographical, Motivational Letter, how to Prepare for a Job Interview”.