By Gayane Melikyan
2019-10-26 18:00
Datsun Brand Endangered
The team of Nissan's new boss Makoto Utida will refuse unprofitable products and close assembly lines.

This is the “performance recovery plan” that should lead the company out of the crisis. Reform will hit harder on emerging markets to free up business resources at major sites in the US and China. According to Reuters, one of the victims of the restructuring is likely to be the budget brand Datsun. Among other things, he is charged with “theft of sales”: cheap small cars discourage buyers from Nissan.

Optimization, according to Reuters, was entrusted to Senior Vice President Jun Seki, who is considering all markets with factories, with the exception of China, to reduce capacity. It is not planned to close the entire factories or withdraw enterprises from any country. Among the tasks - the eradication of the vicious practice of selling cars with big discounts in corporate parks. Like, Carlos Ghosn reached goals at all costs and gave cars for nothing, which undermined the image of Nissan. Jun Seki is expected to unveil a large-scale plan later this month. The reform will take about a year.