Author։ H. Tsatryan
2019-10-27 20:00
The Armenian National Team to Participate in the Computer Game
An exclusive agreement has been reached between the Football Federation of Armenia and the Japanese computer game maker Konami.
Fans of computer games, in particular football simulators, can now play against each other by choosing among the dozens of football teams offered in the Armenian National Football Team. It turns out that Tigran Barseghyan, Kamo Hovhannisyan, Marcos Pizzelli and other players of the Armenian national team can be seen in computer games not only at club level but also at national level.
A few months ago, the Armenian Football Federation and the Japanese manufacturer of Pro Evolution Soccer (PES) football simulator game Konami reached an important agreement. According to the cooperation, the latest issue of the game also officially features the Armenian national team.
The press service of the National Assembly of Armenia today issued a statement, according to which, after long negotiations, an agreement was signed between the AF and Konami, which will lay the foundation for a wider scope of cooperation. The scope of this issue is not fully known yet. People are not in a hurry to announce this.
It is clear, however, that the PES will be hosting a PES 2020 tournament in the near future, the winners of which will be represented by Armenia in 2020. International e-Football Tournament to be held in London in July.
The tournament promises to provide public information about the tournament's participation and other information in the near future.