By Gayane Melikyan
2019-11-21 21:17
The European Gigafactory of Tesla will be Built in Berlin
Choosing a site for the European factory Gigafactory 4, Tesla refused to “too risky” (due to Brexit) the UK and stopped in Germany - they liked the site near the under construction airport “Berlin-Brandenburg”. Elon Musk has written on Twitter that the company will produce not only electric cars, but also batteries along with power units. The start of the production is scheduled for the end of 2021.

Together with the factory, Tesla will build an engineering center in Berlin. It is expected that in total about 7,000 job places will become available. The authorities are hoping for a "big investment" from the company.

Meanwhile, analysts believe that Germany has become a “logical choice”, also because the government of Angela Merkel is environmentally friendly and is ready to stimulate sales of electric vehicles. However, according to the observers, serious problems are inevitable, because the workforce of the Germans remains one of the most expensive in the world, and electricity is not cheap in Germany.