By Mariam Hovuni
2019-11-21 22:24
Vlad Pavlov to Arrive in Armenia in the Framework of the Crystal Open Dance Club Championship
The Open Championship of Crystal Sports Dance Clubs will be held on November 24. Russia's champion in dance sports Vlad Pavlov will arrive in Armenia as a referee and special guest.

During the meeting with journalists, Zhora Mkhitaryan, referee of the All-Armenian Council of Dance and Sport, organizer of the Open Championship of Crystal Dance Club noted that guests from Georgia and Russia will arrive in Armenia to participate in the championship. Speaking about the importance of such events, the speaker stressed that these competitions are very important and contribute to the development of sports dancers.

"The honorable guest of the Open Championship will be famous Russian dance coach Vlad Pavlov, who is a multiple title holder. We are happy that he will not only be the honorary guest of the event, but will also conduct master classes. During such competitions international master classes help fill that gap, which is very important,” - Zhora Mkhitaryan said.

Speaking about the popularity of sports dances, Mkhitaryan underlined that the interest was rather low, about 10 years ago the interest was greater: “Now we live in the era of technology, and parents are directing their children in that direction. People don't see money, future,  prospects in this sport."

In the end of the press conference the speaker added that in February of 2020 Yerevan will host an international sporting dance championship, within which referees and participants from about 8 countries will arrive in Armenia.