By Mariam Hovuni
2019-11-23 16:38
Yevgeny Petrosyan: “I Just feel great in Yerevan”
"I just feel great in Yerevan," USSR People's Artist Yevgeny Petrosyan made a rather frank statement. These days, the beloved humorist performs solo concerts entitled "With Love to Armenia".

E. Petrosyan was last in Armenia 3-4 years ago with a delegation of cultural figures. As for making a speech in Yerevan, the artist mentioned that there have been various administrative and organizational problems for years, this time they just didn't exist.

“I will only be happy if my visits here become a tradition. With God's permission. If the television shows the whole concert, then you have to present a new program, because the same thing was wrong. I have just released the latest program, and when it changes, I do not know,” - said YP Petrosyan.

The artist has been performing professionally on stage since 1962, a record in his genre. Petrosyan says humorists are not show business people, explaining that if a person is not so talented in show business but has the opportunity and the money, he can become popular, and the genre of humor is the most complex, he does not tolerate mediocrity, he is forced to be talented.

USSR People's Artist Yevgeny Petrosyan, who performs in solo concerts in Yerevan, did not want to talk about the reasons for her and actress Yelena Stepanenko's divorce, noting that she would speak about it when the trial ended.

It should be reminded that on November 24 Yevgeny Petrosyan will perform for the first time in 20 years in the historical homeland.