By Mariam Hovuni
2019-11-26 15:42
The Open Championship of "Crystal" Dance Club Took Place
The Open Championship of Crystal Dance Club took place in Yerevan on November 24.

About 300 children from Armenia, Artsakh, Rostov and Georgia competed in the dance hall of the Neptun Sports and Concert Complex.

It should be noted that such championships are a good platform for people in this field to recognize and compete with one another. The championship is a great opportunity to develop your own skills.

Zhora Mkhitaryan, referee of the All-Armenian Council of Dance and Sports Dances, organizer of the Open Championship of Crystal Dance Club mentioned that it is being held for the fifth time. This year is a jubilee, so the club couldn't just have a regular tournament.

By the invitation of Zhora Mkhitaryan well-known Russian sports dance coach Vlad Pavlov has arrived in Armenia. He was not only the honorary guest and referee of the event, but also held master classes for sports lovers a few days ago.

According to Zhora Mkhitaryan, the skills of international specialists during such competitions help them to master some of the skills of sports dancing.

This wave of sports dances lasted from early morning until late at night.